Game freezes PC while sounds and voice line carry on


I can’t play 20 minutes without the game freezing my PC.

I have an i7-8700k, GTX 1080, 16gb of ram.

There is no way this game should crash. I have tried low, med, high setting. Nothing works.

The voicelines keep going bu the game freezes every 15-30 min and I cant alt tab, or open task manager, I have to basicaly power it off and on again.

The gpu is running at 45°C and cpu is running at 60°C. So the components are fine. Dont have any other games that crash.

All drivers are updated, I have tried all of the “fixes” like cpu high priority, etc that I could find online. Its just unplayable. I barely got to level 50.

Is there a fix? I feel bad since this is such a good game, but it takes away the immersion and very quickly the pleasure of playing this beauty turns into frustration.

I dont want to give a bad review since this is a really good game. Its just unaceaptable to have to restart my computer every 20 min or so.

Pleaseeee fix this issue. Its just too bad that you created such an amazing IP only to have it crash and freeze pc’s .

I have seen a lot of people with this issue. Nobody is addressing it.

I have video proof of the game freezing and freezing my computer whilst the voice lines keep on going normaly. It happens whilst in combat, entering a new region, being in a region for whatever amount of time. Its random and I cant seem to find a fix online.

I tried uninstalling the game, using different ssd’s, etc.

Please fix this issue because you have an IP with such a bright future ahead, it will be to bad to have people remember the game for its bugs, instead of its amazing story and gameplay.

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Similar issue here.

Intel I7-5820K, Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti.

I tried even downloading the amd beta branch but it froze again after a few minutes…

Same here and it’s now Sept 2019… and loading any of the “shops” in the Ark seems to take 30sec to a minute way too slow :frowning:

Hey there @cptsalt, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share your current game version and which digital storefront you’re using?

Which soundcard are you using?