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Game freezes
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Hello I’ve been playing this game for a couple of days now and although I do love it I keep getting a frozen screen, I’ve never waited to see if it comes back but typically after about 30 seconds I close the game and relaunch and about 10 min in it freezes again. I have an Amd ryzen 5 3.2ghz 6-core/1080ti/24gb of ram I also have 3 ssd’s. I have just reinstalled the game to an ssd of its own and I am currently testing that any other advice would be awesome. Thanks.
Repro steps:
1.launch game for 10 min freezes

I’ve seen some other threads mentioning to try lowering your graphics card clock rate by 100 - 200, especially if factory overclocked nVidia card. I cannot guarantee success, but it seems to have worked for some and was suggested by Funcom Staff as a temporary fix.

Thank you I’ll try it now! I heard something about it possibly being the audio drivers, Have you heard this?

I have read threads about the possibility of audio driver issues, but most state the issue causing stuttering rather than straight freezes. I’ve some performance issues as well, but nothing like yours or many others. Mine is a degradation in performance after the game has been running for two to three hours. It is reminiscent of the old “memory-leak” issues in online games several years back.

This wouldn’t be an issue for most, but I was able to run the game for a few days at a time and remain relatively stable before Launch. Just a habit I picked up about ten years ago or maybe an OCD thing, but yeah, I just have to restart the game every few hours. Though even from a fresh start I get heavy stuttering when first running into heavily populated locations (laden with NPCs, flora, fauna, etc.) such as The Central River Valley of the desert, Sepermeru and The Black Galleon as they “load”.

The worst part of that is that there are times in which I run into a seemingly empty area then I am suddenly surrounded by enemies. I tried the suggestion of turning all volumes down in Settings and it had no effect.