Possible (and weird) solution and culprit for stuttering and freezes! Please DEVs, read this topic!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Latin America

[Describe the bug here]
Hello everyone.

A few days ago i made a topic about freezing/stuttering on PC. After some people answered me, i was ready to buy a SSD and more 8GB ram for my PC.

But i found some videos that blame audio to be the culprit of these freezes, well, i had nothing to lose.

I decided to unistall all my realtek drivers since my PC works without it. Can you figure out what did happen?!

Yes! The game works pretty fine now! I don’t know nothing of programming, but my theory is that something have to do with the audio drivers that causes the game to be freezing and stuttering.

I’m not saying it is REALLY solved. The first loading yet freezes, and the game have some stuttering yet, but atfer it, everything is really faster than before.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug (solution) can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Downloading DDU
  2. Making a clean unistall of realtek drivers
  3. Restarting PC
  4. Waiting game to load everything
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DDU? As in Display Driver Uninstaller?

Hey @thesimon2

Do you have AMD hardware in your computer?

Also if you have Killer Ethernet controller,it will cause about a 10sec lagg after Windows 1903 update.to fix this,uninstall the app,then go to Killer web site and download their latest app,no more issues since then.

No, i use Nvidia

The game still freezes, but way less than before. Everything seems to load faster now, just because i removed audio drivers.

For example, before this, i had a issue when returning to base that made a constant stuttering. Now i don’t have this kind of problem and, sometimes, even teleporting to far way places don’t freeze the game.

It may be a huge coincidence, but everything is working better after this audio driver removal.

Yeah, unfortunately this didn’t provide me any noticeable benefit.

I’ve basically given up. High end computer that’s running this on a beefy private server.

Running in a straight line: random graphic hitch and FPS drop.

Standing in my base with all thralls loaded and turn the camera: random graphics hitch and FPS drop (sometimes a freeze of a second or two.)

Should NOT happen in a “fully” released product.

If I was running this on a potato, I’d say ok. But that’s NOT the case.

We mentioned AMD hardware (such as CPU) because of this known issue with that and Realtek audio:

I really don’t know the real issue. Because like one year ago, my PC was fine with lower specs, game had some freezes but only when loading new locations. The base after fully loaded did not freeze, i was building a huge castle with no problems.

Now the game freezes around base AND new locations with higher specs than before. I came back to the game after several months, or year, i can’t remember, but i was out for a long time.

There was a windows update released (today?) to improve audio caused by issues in a May patch. Could be relevant.

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