PC freezing bug

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: United States

I’m getting a performance issue/bug where every 60-ish seconds, I will freeze (with while in motion or standing still) for 5-20 seconds. It’s infuriating because I can’t play the game without god mode on, otherwise I’ll die because my character will have ran off a cliff while I was frozen, was unable to fight back against an enemy while frozen, unable to surface for air while frozen, ect. I’ve noticed it seems to happen more often and for longer while I’m in menus. While I’m frozen the audio gets all wonky as well.

My game is modded but it happens with or without mods. It didn’t used to do this before back when I played in Nov 2018, and I’m using the same PC.

I don’t think the bug can be recreated but I have videos of it. Funcom won’t allow me to link to the videos or upload them though.

I’ve tried reinstalling my game.
I’ve tried verifying the game files.
I’ve tried turning the audio off.
I’ve tried lowering the graphics.

Someone pls help D:

Quite candidly, this sounds more like a connection problem than a game thing. It sounds like you have already checked/tried the common items.

Do you have or could you get a free program such as Pingplotter (there are better out now); something that records, by hop, your latency to your server?

Other, more knowledgeable people will be on in a few hours and may have more to add.

I have experienced the same thing (just tonite, in fact), but it was a prelude to the private server going offline. It happens to us when an update comes through from Steam or Windoze. The game crashed, saving me from yet another critter purge, booorrring.

Let us know if you can do that and the results, please.



Hi, I’m kind of not the smartest when it comes to PC stuff. I downloaded a free trial of Pingplotter (it looked like the simplest to use to me) but I’m still not sure how to use it. However, I feel like (no offense to you or those who made the game) I shouldn’t have to download an external program to diagnose something that’s going wrong with the game in order to play it. I’m not experiencing lagging/freezing issues on any other online games that I play.

I also don’t understand why playing the same game on the same computer on the same network would have issues. If it’ll let me, here’s a link to the bug (I uploaded it to a Conan Exiles fan group on Facebook). I hope it helps.
https ://www . facebook .com /100012086380126/videos/ 669001056846101/

I here you. I used to play SWToR where milliseconds count and Pingplotter let me prove where the latency was. Then I raised enough hell so they fixed it.

Your target in pingplotter is the IP address of the computer you are playing on, the server. Don’t post that here, it’s sort of sensitive information. The resultant graph will show you if there are any delays, but the free version only lets you see some amount of time; it’s limited. Get accustomed to the plot and the delays between each hop.

Leave it running in the background as you play CE. When you experience the lag, whatever you are doing, flip over to PP and look for an anomaly. If there is one, snapshot the graph and save it. Also note the IPs before and after. If it is normal, we have eliminated that as the cause. Also, you can delete the program after verifying it’s not a connection problem at least a few times.

BTW, your other online games take a different path to a different IP, so your comparison may not be valid. Nor am I saying this is your problem, we are just eliminating a potential cause.

Here is your link.

Does it happen other places also? That looks to be a rather large base.

Players and Funcom reps will be on in a few hours and know more than I do.

Good luck !



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Thanks for explaining that, that makes sense. I tried using pingplotter and this is the result. I’m not sure what to make of this information. Are the ‘spikes’ lag spikes?

The freezing happens everywhere I go, even if I’m in a barren desert in the middle of nowhere.


Those appear to be normal spikes that just ‘happen’, nothing that would cause your problem since they are short in duration.

Good work with Pingplotter, but more help is needed from the community and/or devs, and I defer to them.



Usually when I’ve seen momentary freezes at regular intervals, it ends up being CPU hitching caused by another program rather than a network issue. Programs I’ve seen that cause such problems include MS Outlook, Malwarebytes, various mouse/keyboard utilities, anti-virus software, bad audio/video drivers and/or their updaters, and badly behaving browser extensions.

So first thing, make sure all your drivers, including your motherboard & chipset drivers are up-to-date, then turn your scrutiny upon other programs and such that are installed and running while you’re trying to play.

Yes, this is exactly why you must always exclude you games from your security software. (Aside from the fact that they will sometimes have false positives and lock or delete the files.)

Other software like Asus’s AI Suite or similar system monitoring software can cause it as well.

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I have already excluded Conan from my antivirus software, and the only other program that I run while playing it is just Discord. I also just updated my drivers 2 days ago.

@Larathiel, @SylenThunder, Task manager history?



So, I ended up having to do a soft reset of my PC due to an unrelated issue (I think). I downloaded software for work and it wrecked my PC (system restore didn’t work) so that warranted a reset. I reinstalled Conan and it runs more smoothly (40 fps most of the time) however I’m still experiencing the freezing issue.

It happens while flying or walking.
It happens in laggy areas (ie a large base) and in non-laggy areas (ie a desert)
The audio glitches while it happens as well.

The audio has really been getting to me. I’ve started hearing compressed, glitchy, almost NES-like sounds in real life LOL. It’s kind of scary.

Speccy is an excellent tool to publish system information.

If you could post a link to a published output taken when you are having this issue, that would be great in narrowing it down. It sounds like it’s probably a driver issue, and Speccy can help me find incompatible software and drivers easily.

Just to make sure I understand, you want me to play the game, experience the freezing bug, and then “Publish Snapshot?”

I have the same issue. Game freezing every few seconds, audio garbled when it happens. The game is pretty much unplayable for me. I’ve done the same things to try and resolve it, but nothing is working. Glad to know it’s not just me.

Yeah, pretty much. It will give me an idea of system load, and all running programs at the time of the occurrence. When it happens, just tab out, open Speccy, then publish to the web. I’ve been analyzing systems for issues like this using Speccy for over 10 years. No only might I help find the issue, but I also take the time to give you advice on removing bloat and optimizing your system.


Here’s the snapshot. However I think there’s some kind of error on their end because it won’t load when I click it.

Hey @sygdraakki

We’ve edited your link so it shows. It unfortunately doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

That really sucks. Is there any way I can retrieve the data by going into the program and taking a picture of it or something or must we use the link?

The link is the easiest way, and most readable. Maybe a character got knocked off the url?

I’m trying it again, and it says error connecting to the publishing server when I try to publish my Speccy specs. Is there any other way (another program or another method) I can try?