Unstable GPU usage?

Problem solved. Thank you, everyone :smiley:

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Kinda the same here.

(Seemingly) randomly I got severe FPS drops - today a red dragon at the northern border of the Unnamed City caused painful minutes to play, yesterday just collecting aloes.
I got a BSOD, and several crashes, and I think it is because of this. I’ve monitored the GPU usage in task manager, and I also have had usage inconsistencies. I’m using a RX 580 (4Gb) 2x8Gb of RAM and a Ryzen 3 2400G by the way.

Checked other games (Borderlands 2 and 3), some 4K videos and no such instabilities.

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Same, been running all sorts of games with higher system requirements with no issues. But this one just doesn’t work :tm:

Well I have to do this every 1hr but on mine the anti mailware defense does real time run and tanks pc when on but it cannot be disabled since I tryed and solutions and won’t save but run task management and see if anything is happening as high usage of devices

Just FYI, you want GPU usage to be high. That’s how they are designed to operate. If you’re having throttling issues due to temps, you need to take care of case cooling. Positive pressure works most efficiently, and you need to have a good amount of airflow.

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Higher GPU usage is a good thing, it means nothing is stopping the GPU from performing at maximum to give you the highest FPS its capable of.

GPUs tend to get hot when being used.

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Yes but mine was a 100% and would lag any and all games wether or not games were running there is multiple issues that I found and the fix work well but I start pc and 3 hours watching the usage with out games or anything just start up bring up task manager and 100% disk usage alone but there is multiple issues that happen all of a sudden that you should look into just in case

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Yepp. Before the GPU usage diagram was waaay smoother, and there were less (New asagarth khmm…!!!) FPS drops to 5-10.

Also: did anybody notice the lightning has changed in the Exiled Lands? Examples: the jungle got darker (finally, but underwater…), the Noob river area got warmer colors, and the deserts such as north from Unnamed city and around the Pride rock became more pale. And at sundown this gets even crazier.

Probably the 2 problems are tied?

To be honest my understanding of this is very limited, and its good to know that its not a problem. Since we are at it, is it normal to stay between 70-80C°? My main concern is damaging something on the long run, since i’ve never played any game that used this much Gpu/fan power, last time i played CE this wasn’t a thing :slight_smile:

70 - 80°C on a graphics card during full load is pretty much optimal. Most cards nowadays can endure Temps up to 95°C or even 100°C, but only at that point you should start to worry since it can reduce the lifetime of your card.

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Thats actually really relieving, thank you very much :slight_smile:

AMD GPUs usually run a little bit hotter. As long as you stay below 90 degrees it is fine.

I for example have the newest RTX 3090 and the game doesn’t run on my cap of 144 FPS nor the GPU usage is 100%. CPU is slacking at 15%. I guess I am hitting a power limit here with my 750W PSU. So I might need to upgrade that. GPU temps are usually 65-70 degrees.

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Since I don’t know what your room temperature is you could get higher Temps in the summer during hot days, there are many easy ways to make your PC case cooler without replacing things. Like, placing the computer in a more open spot instead of a corner can improve the airflow already since warm air won’t build up as easily around the case. Also cleaning the parts can help a lot in some cases, last time I cleaned my computer I was able to reduce the Temps by almost 5 degree (yeah I didn’t clean the computer in 5 years lol).
Many GPU software tools also have a function to increase the fan speed in case you really want to lower the Temps (but the Fans will be louder obviously).
But as I said, 70 - 80 degree is nothing to worry about if it happens on full load while playing a game.

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Thats pretty much what i have done so far, changed it so as soon as it goes above 80 degress it automatically switches to 100% fan usage until it cools down. I guess the main issue was more about my reluctance towards a louder fan/erroneously thinking that 80 degrees is too much, rather than a serious technical problem

Again though, airflow is everything. You can instantly change your GPU from being 75-80C under stress, to being only 55-60C. I did this recently just by clearing up the mess of cables in my case and adding a single fan to switch it from neutral to positive pressure.

Your GPU will likely start to throttle when it hits 80C, and that’s when you see performance tanking.(With some cards you can override the throttling temp.) I wouldn’t worry about heat until you’re in the 85-90C range though.

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There is definitely room to improve in regards of airflow, i’ll work on ^^

Thank you very much mate

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