Extreme High GPU and CPU usage

Hi. When i start Conan, after 3-4 minutes the whole PC sounds like a jumbo jet taking off. Nvidia Standard settings for my GPU is -> very high. I turned everything to low and nothing changes. I have the same issue with Ark, what based on the same Engine. Is the problem the Unreal Engine? If i play Battlefield V or other games that have far better graphics, I don’t have issues like that. I can only fix this issue with turning the settings to -> laptop mode, but it looks crappy. Is there another way to fix the problem?


On console is the same problem… I love my thundercat jet :rofl:

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i think its more of a rendering issue than anything else. the game has to render in thousands and track of items all at once while battlefield being big and all only needs to render in and track a few hundred at a time.
I set my fan speeds manually and and kept a eye on my thermals to keep a good noise to heat ratio.
ever since the last update things been buggy so it can also be a optimization issue

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I had the same thing happening to me, according to other users its pretty much fine as long as you stay below ~75-80 degrees. GPUs are meant to be used to their fullest, you just shouldn’t go beyond that.

That said, it still makes me unconfortable, since as you also described, other seemingly “heavier” games do not cause this.


The ‘heavier’ games utilize methods to reduce load. Conan and Ark do not because you need to be able to react to things* within a certain radius. So there’s no fancy culling of assets behind the scenes.

*Dynamic objects such as player made bases and structures. In other games these things are static and easy to account for.

But as others said. All computer parts are designed to run at 100% loads for 5-10 years. Meaning they could be capped for 5 years x 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds continuously. So long as they are kept clean of debris like dust, food particles, or pet hair.

Don’t eat at your computer and keep the dogs and cats out of the room and your PC shouldn’t ever break save for a manufacturer defect.