FPS gets cut in half after 10 minutes

I have the EVGA RTX 2080ti FTW3 Ultra, 32 GB ram 3200, 2 m.2 raid 0, and AMD 2700x clocked at 4.15 GHz all cores; sometimes when I load into my game my fps is at 90 and 80 for a while inside my base; however, it drops half fps after 10 to 15 minutes. I even explored my whole area (Our base isn’t supermassive but is a good size) with the 80 to 90 fps running around and was fine. Only after time passed I lose half my fps, weird because it works well for such a long time and just half my fps after awhile? Is this a memory leak or is there something wrong?

I check my temps regularly and is usually at 56 for my cpu and 55 for my gpu. No throttling problem.

Update, It just randomly went back up to 70 to 90 fps now. But it goes half fps to normal while randomly in my base? What the heck is going on? I also play on the new map DLC Isle of Siptah.

Do you use mods?

I can’t say it’s related, but a friend of mine tells me after the update, his gpu temps went from mid to high 40’s c to nearly 60c and his gpu usage is pegged at 100%. Nothing he does with the video settings makes a difference. He’s got a pretty jammin’ system. No reason it should be taxed like that.

Summer of crashes. The solder just melts and losses it connection on board. I’ve seen people put the board into the oven to fix it. Hmm. No warranty?

Try putting an external fan on it. Leave the box side open if possible. Temporary fix until fall.

P.S. News says there is a problem with the card: bad capacitors. https://www.slashgear.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-instability-traced-to-capacitors-27640107/

Just a FYI, a computer component is rated to run at 100% utilization for the duration of its lifespan. While CE probably shouldn’t tax a system, it won’t harm anything if it is.

Anytime there is an overheat problem, it is not and cannot be the game you are playing that is the cause of the overheat. That’s usually from dirty heatsinks, poor airflow, malfunctioning components, cheap components (a new issue popping up in the GPU market due to manufacturers cutting corners, beware when buying), or some other physical issue such as bad overclock settings.

Back to the discussion at hand. There’s something weird going on. I’m running a GTX 1080Ti and get about 70-80% utlization. It used to be lower. However I’m not seeing a FPS loss. A RTX 2080 anything shouldn’t be struggling where a 1080 isn’t.

I am not running any mods, I play on official servers. My gpu only is used at 50 to 60 percent according to my task manager. I don’t know what is happening? My computer isn’t overheating at all as I checked the temps, still 50s and very low 60s.

Get the warranty and follow through for a replacement. If the news is right, we can’t fix it. You’ll have to send it back. An exact same new card will have the same issue, if the news it right.

I hope that makes sense. :mag:

Thank you for your concern and reply; however, I do not have the new 3000s GPU but the EVGA RTX 2080 TI FTW 3 for these past two years.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say anything about the game causing the system to “overheat”. 60c is hardly an overheat.
I did forget to mention my friend’s gpu usage was around 75% pre-update and is now a solid and constant 100%. That and the temps rising indicates that the game is putting more of a strain on systems post-update which could explain the OP’s fps drops.
It’s not the first time we’ve seen this happen, so it’s very likely the game is causing it as it’s happening on various systems and we’re well aware that the game has never been well and truly optimized.

I have an MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio with i9 9900k. I don’t get any FPS issues, though I actually never bothered checking, because my game is locked to 60 FPS (because of this stupid sliding bug that you get when the game runs at more than 60 FPS).

I once had FPS issues with this PC when I used mods like Hosav’s Custom UI Mod, hence I was asking.

Whenever people talk about utilization and heat, it can cause a bandwagon of misinformation. Too many people blame software developers (I’m not suggesting you have), and others will jump on that as the cause and it muddies the waters to actually trying to find a fix.

In this case, if there is a problem with the game (as indicated by a RTX2080Ti getting less performance than GTX970s or GTX1080ti’s). The bandwagoning can cause a dev to look at the thread and dismiss it as ‘someone just needs to clean their computer’. Gotta remember, they don’t read every post. They glance through. Its all they have time for, IF they even can get to the thread.

So when we have a thread like this, we’ve gotta be a bit more precise. In this case, I’d leave temperatures out of it, as GPU’s running at 60C is not a problem, not even close. So its irrelevant.

I commented on this thread to offer a possible explanation to the OP regarding his fps drops, which I believe I’ve done between both of my prior comments. The first was a little vague, admittedly. I clearly should have had more coffee before I posted it, but I provided more detail in the second.

That said, I’m not entirely sure why you’re singling me out with off topic information that reads like a lesson or correction of some sort. And I’m really not sure why you’d leave out any detail on a forum where I’ve read dozens of times that people should add as much detail as possible.

But I digress. Feel free to go on about whatever you like, by all means. I’d never tell you what to talk about on this or other forums. But also by all means, do try and stay on topic.

The report I linked doesn’t have the exact product name as the OP. I think it’s reasonable to note why the hardware is failing, as the logic board holding those capacitors is most likely from the same batch across production. If the capacitors underperform then you will see it on the FPS. 60C may seem irrelevant until Summer bumps it up past 150°f.

Remember 451? That °f is when paper ignites. We have seen people try the oven fix at 300°f, just saying.