Massive Inconsistent Frame Drops

Game mode: live
Problem: Performance

Everything runs fine until inconsistent frame drops. I have tried turning everything else on my PC off, minimum settings, and laptop mode all at the same time and got the same issues. I can fight and explore for hours with no drops or sometimes I can’t move around my house without 6 frame drops in 10 min.

CPU: i7-4720HQ @ 2.6GHz
Memory: 16GB DDR3
GPU: GeForceGTX 960M

1 Like clip of the drop

I get these as well but mostly in the highlands, the jungle is the most stable part of the game for me.

With EVGA Precision XOC running, I can see where my gpu usage drops from 60-75% to zero during the drops. At times it resembles a massive earthquake reading from a seismograph, rapidly jumping from 60% to 98% then 0%.

i5-7400 3.5Ghz
GTX 1060 3GB

14 days with no response or update.

Yeah have the same issue! Sudden FPS drops for no reason! I play at high with with good fps, and suddenly drops to 10-15. Tried everything.
But after reading your post i ran GPU-Z always on top. and everytime my FPS drops I see the same thing you mention, that the load on my GPU suddenly was very low!

During good framerate its running at 80-100%, and when I have the drops in fps its down to 20 ish pecent!

Took two screenshots with stutter and no stutter, notice FPS meter in top left corner.

Nice find mate! Hope devs see this and it puts them on the right track to fixing it!

EDIT: Someone in this forum also said that locking the framerate to a fixed max helped him out, so I have locked mine to 60 fps. Not sure if it has helped to be honest.

same for me but it is constan… i play for 10 sec at 60/90 fps then go to 1/2 fps and the sound is shiiii.t…

Happened to me too. It often happens during combat. Especially before me or the enemy dies.