Crafting filter ideas

A few filter suggestions for crafting (tables, hand craft, etc)

  • clicking a crafted item within a crafting recipe will automatically tab to that item
  • Have materials filter - Shows only items currently able to be crafted
  • uses this item - Shows only items that use the selected item
  • Reserve (number) - a number set to stop using a particular item, with an option for individual overrides. Example - Iron bars, reserve 100. “Craft all” iron reinforcements. Stops at the reserve number. Repair iron tools (which would cause a drop below the reserve) - warning message “this will cause this item to drop below the reserve, do you want to continue? Yes/No”
    Perhaps even include exceptions - example, Repair exception. this will stop crafting at the reserve, but will allow repairs to go through without issue, regardless of where the reserve is at, as long as there are materials available.
    Maybe also a “use reserve” checkbox in the “Craft All”, that must be rechecked every time its used.

Would also like to suggest that crafting tables also recognize items in one’s inventory.