Crafting issue getting message "Unable to Start Crafting Item"

I have all the required items to craft an Item and the knowledge to craft said items, everything is lit up showing its good to go, but when I click to craft the items I get the message “Unable to Start Crafting Item”

The items in question are the Arcane Bookcase and the Aesir Raider Armor (set).

What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks for any help on this.

Are you on a public or private server?
Are you able to craft any other Bazaar items which you purchased?
How recently did you purchase these items?

Private server
I’ll check the other Bazaar items today
The armor I got yesterday, the Bookcase I have had since the update and have made before.

Are you the admin of the private server you are on?
This one knows all these questions seem labourous but it helps to isolate where the hiccup is.

Also, when you get a moment, please attempt creating them in a solo game if you can. This further helps to pinpoint the concern.

Logged in this morning and everything is working, able to craft them no issues.

Thank you so much for your help. :bouquet:



Glad it worked out. Sometimes there are little (and not so little) hiccoughs.
May yours always be brief and infrequent.


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