CRAFTING STAtaions not working

Hi all anyone else having issues with crafting station none of them are working from smelters to cooking

Mine were working just fine today.

Some questions:

  1. Did you have fuel in your crafting station? Smelter and Coking stations require something that burns. Of course, if you have the same problem with e.g. carpenters or blacksmiths too, it’s probably not related to this.

  2. Which platform are you playing on? PC, PS4, X-Box? Official server, private server, single player?

  3. If PC, do you have any mods installed?

I notice you tagged this as Xbox … Funcom changed something that now you need to use LT to start the stations. (on PS4 it’s L2)

What I dont get… it was always l2 to start it. XD

And abunch of people posting they can’t click play button after update. And I’m like… it never worked from get go on ps4. XD Every-time I passed over it, never let me hit it, lol.

Carpenters works fine it’s just the smelter and cooking and black smiths where you have to press start it won’t move to start button at all

do they start if you use the LT button instead of trying to activate the “play” button ? Funcom changed something so that people couldn’t activate like they used to … so Xbox needs to use LT now

4ill try it later

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