Crafting Station and scrolling update?

Been having an issue where I cannot scroll in any workbench unless I take the thrall out then place them back in. Please see video. I noticed there was another thread with same issue but that was almost a month ago with the resolution being the issue would be fixed on next patch. Is there a ETA on that patch?

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It will be fixed in update but holidays are causing consoles to be behind so it is coming but it will take a while

I read your post got upset then realized you don’t work for FC lol.

If I told my boss I am not fixing something at work because its the holidays I promise you I wouldn’t have a job for long.

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I confirm. You say the truth. I play on ps4 and i have the same problem.

It’s in certification with Microsoft not funcom they have already submitted it same with Sony

Hello @SindeeSyringe, no ETA at this time regarding the upcoming patch.

Same thing on Ps4. They have pretty much mandatory vacations in their home country. Unlike here in the States.

I thought you already where submitted it my bad I thought I saw that some where on here

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