Crafting menu not scrolling properly on crafting stations

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

The right hand crafting panel has a bug, in that after scrolling through the contents once, the panel freezes on the upper section of the contents only. This means that it is almost impossible to select any crafting recipes that don’t appear in the very top selection. The only way to temporarily solve the issue is to quit and then rejoin the server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to a crafting station (eg. Armourer’s bench) and activate the bench.
    2.Scroll through the items in the crafting panel.
    3.Scroll back up then down (looking for something in particular).
    4.Panel freezes and won’t scroll further than the top section of the contents.

Sounds exactly like this one… Which was also the reason I was for postponing the update…

Hello @zwkdiv, the team is aware and the issue should be addressed in an upcoming patch, thank you for bringing it up.

Yup tried to make armour for my new post update thralls and couldn’t!! Had to steal from pre update thralls…poor guys they are underpowered enough now!! Not complaining though as I’m a small clan with few pre update thralls!!

Hey, withdrawing your thrall and puting him back on the bench should help you

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Thanks, that’s incredibly helpful! :+1:
Still, it’s a bit awkward having to do this every time I want to make something at a crafting station.

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