Crafting stations are still broken

Game mode: Any
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

After this latest >20GB update, armorer, blacksmith and carpenter benches are still broken if you have a T3 or T4 thrall in them. It will only show the exceptional/flawless recipes, and requires you remove and replace the thrall every time you want to craft something.

This has been an outstanding bug for over a month now, and how this hasn’t been fixed is beyond comprehension. Really, people?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a T4 armorer/blacksmith/carpenter in station
  2. Close crafting UI
  3. Open crafting UI again, no standard recipes are shown
  4. Remove thrall and then add back, recipes appear until UI is closed again
  5. Be extremely annoyed

So much for Santa giving me what I wanted for XMASS.

That sinking feeling when there’s no mention of it in the patch notes, then login to your server and realize this probably isn’t going to be fixed until March or April, based on Funcom’s track record with pushing out updates to the consoles. Good times.

I had that same sinking feeling when I realized it wasn’t fixed. I have a feeling it’s going to be like the building bug we had last year which took them months to fix.

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Hello @Megaton238, the issue is known and will be addressed in an upcoming patch, apologies for the inconvenience.

LoL @Hugo.
Why didn’t released a fix on this simple issue?

If you played this game hardcore, this would be one of the things you should fix quick because it’s a dumb bug.

Why did you devs made mounts if these bugs a hard to handle, crazy priority choices (but used to it with you as devs).

Same at PS4

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