Crash over crash over crash

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Europe]


I have a privat Server 2 week on ps4.
The Most Players including me habe extrem Crash Problems since the New Patch.
Form my side before the Patch i had Not realy Crash Problems 2 or 3 a Day but After the Patch i can play mabey 3 to 5 min and cash. Open something = Crash… standing still in my or an other Base = Crash. Walking around = Crash every Task my fame breaks and sometimes try to log in and it crash but After waiting 5 to 10 min i can relog play 3 to 5 min and crash.

Simular by some other Players on the Server
Wenn have a 20 Slot, EU Server, 2 weeks old and around 15 players.

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