Game crashes more and more

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Problem: [Crash |
Region: [EU]
After last update game keep crashing more and more fix it or you will lose all your players just from my server as i know 2 clans left the game just because of this game crashing issues and 3 members from my clan left it also so its now dead server ty funcom for that, anyway its good game but if it continues like this ill leave it also today 3 times it crash, its so funny to put something so broken into the game(like last patch) just to make few bucks and lose the majority of players in process nice.

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Which server is this?

its not the server problem as you can see from posts from other players almost every post is game crash so its the update

before the update server was working just fine

I’ve never had this issue laggy at times yes but never been disconnected and others are using the internet as well and I’m wifi across the house from where my box is my internet is upgraded though to accommidate this

i didnt have them also but after last update i have them, and a lot of players with ho i talked they have the same problem so its not internet conection problems if so many players have the same problem just look at posts here and youll see a lot of them have game crashes problems from last update.

There have been two hotfixes on PC to address crashing. Those, and possibly more, will be translated over to console in one batch, with an ETA of of Friday.

I posted a possible short-term fix in another thread. If you want to try it out;

No matter what I do game still crash, thanks tho

Thx for info

Thx for help ill try that now

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