Game crashes are worse than before after new update

after today update, i can’t log in, every time i log in, my game crash, or anything i do on it, it crashes, if i try looking into my stuff, like the wheel of pain, my game crashes as soon as i click on it, this crash issue is a problem, and needs to be fixed because, now, its completely unplayable


Private server? Official server? Online or single game mode? More information would be helpful

official server

I had the same problem, but restarting the computer after update seems to have solved :slight_smile:

which Server ? Did you get an Error Message when the Game crash ?

If you have dont do this (the restart) maybe it would help you too.

its different on ps4, even a restart didn’t fix my issue, i tried, the server number is #3578

Did you try reinstall the Game ? Maybe something went wrog in the Update process

the crashes randomly stop, i guess i had to move around or something till the frame-rate settles in

Just reporting in that I have NOT had any crash issues after the update.

crashes is letting up, but still receiving it, even logging off causes it to crash, that is new

if you haven’t receive the same issue, then why are you in here

that didn’t work, it went back to crashing trying to login

Seriously? So that people know it’s not happening to everyone which tends to lead to the conclusion it’s probably NOT the update and something on the user end.

what console you playing on

Does your system fan happen to get very loud during/before a crash or during normal gameplay?


Which version of PlayStation do you have?

the 1 that came with black ops 3

The crashes started after i downloaded that new update, before that, it was doing fine

So you have a ps4 slim? Or you mean the bo3 special edition with the orange logo on top? Either way…There are known performance issues on the slim ps4.

Also your title says the “crashes are worse”, which implies you had crashes before?

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