Game crashes are worse than before after new update

yea, it usually once or twice a day, after the update, it receives major crashes, i don’t have that problem on other games, just this 1

Ok, so which version of ps4 do you have? Is it the slim? If you don’t know the model you can look on the back for model number.

its not a slim, i just researched slim and mine doesn’t look like that

i think i figured out the problem, its the wheel of pain, for some reason, everytime i check my wheel of pain, my game crash, first it happens to logging in, now it just happens everytime i check my wheel of pain, when i run away from my wheel of pain, and come back to it, it fixes itself

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Some games push the hardware to the limit. Conan for the Ps4 is one of those games.

In my opinion, you may need to change the thermal paste in your ps4.

Sorry if you already know this

Thermal paste is used to gain better heat conductivity between 2 places (in this case heat sink & CPU).

In order for the CPU to process data smoothly it needs to stay as cool as possible.

Generally thermal paste has a lifespan of a couple of years, but personally I change mine multiple times a year.

After 3 years the paste in your console will be like chalk! This old paste will not remove heat from the CPU as intended. This can cause performance issues and eventually even complete failure to your system.

You should be able to get this done at an electronics repair store fairly cheaply. I wouldn’t suggest doing it yourself unless you are VERY confident with electronics.

This is one of the biggest issues I come across with console users. Hence why I was trying to establish the age/model of machine.

my ps4 has multiple fans on it to prevent it from heating up, and i found that someone else is having the same issue, with the exact same problem source, the wheel of pain is bugged

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The issue is that the heat is not being transferred from the CPU efficiently.
Therefore the processor will eventually struggle and die. During which time you will experience a lot of performance issues (such as game crashes).
I have tested the functionality of the wheel and it works for me. I even ran past/ took items ect.
Why does your ps4 have “multiple” fans? Has it overheated before?
If you can successfully replicate this issue then I suggest you report it using the procedure in the link below;

P.S. The Thermal paste should be changed anyway if you care about the life of your console :grin:

i think the game fixed itself, i’m no longer receiving crashes

There may be a texture loading issue with Wheels. Sorry for any previous distractions: are your suspect Wheels enclosed? If so, what tier are they?

first tier so my wheel of pain won’t decay so fast, i just try to view how long my thrall have left before ready, and it crashed again

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I am having the same issue

I am having the same issue. PS4. It’s something with the wheel of pain. I’d capture a thrall drag it to the wheel and then as SOON as I click on it, it freezes and then gives an error code. When I log back in, everything seems fine. I clicked on the Wheel and this time it was hesitant but worked. And showed the thrall was accepted into the wheel before the crash. I dragged another thrall: crashes again when I click on it. This time, logging back in crashed before the server loaded. After I logged in again, everything came up, but from now on any click on the wheel, crashes the game. Same issue my brother is having after this patch. Different location, brand new PS4

@shadowninja71693 @DevilsReject_84 @taskaz Which server region are you guys playing in? Console model/version? Also which tier wheels?
I had six people test this yesterday and none are experiencing the same issue on official EU server. I personally tested with pro and slim ps4 T1 & T3 wheels. Can’t replicate either…

Hey there,

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For me and my brother. American region, Official servers. My PS4 console is older (no it’s not the thermal paste, It was working fine for weeks running on multiple hours of use in this game :stuck_out_tongue: ) my brothers is brand new. I have T3 wheel and he has a T2.

Full Information:
It wasn’t every time. My brother mentioned he crashed, I thought nothing of it at first. I had placed 2 thralls in mine and nothing happened. On the 3rd thrall, it crashed when clicking on the wheel to insert the thrall. Then, after re-lauch of the game, it didn’t crash when clicking on the wheel to make sure the thrall got in, which it did. Then on the 4th thrall is crashed again. this time it crashed on re-launch, then on every click on the wheel (with a thrall or not) from then on, crashed. Anything else opened fine, other stations, my inventory, chests, etc. I turned it off for an hour, got back on, waited for everything to fully load, crashed when clicking on the wheel. I reloaded once more, then I grabbed one more thrall before bed, since it still inserted them before crashing. This time it didn’t crash.

It seemed inconsistent on when it would crash but very consistent on the wheel pain being the factor when it would crash. If you hover over it, you can see the items inside and move around and take things out, it was only when opening the full inventory UI with the wheel, it would crash.


@taskaz @shadowninja71693 Interesting… it could possibly be an issue with the US servers then.
I’ve done every possible variation of putting Thralls in & out, I even shook them all about. I can’t replicate a crash at all.
If either of you have a single player game you could test it there possibly? You can use admin mode to spawn in everything you need.


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Thanks for that extra info. I have friends on official US servers. They just got back to me, they also have no issues.
However there are a few more users coming in with this same problem now. Wonder if they are all on the same server. Most are new members.
@shadowninja71693 @taskaz which server are you playing on.

Welcome to Xbox problems :joy::joy::smirk:

Had this problem for a year :woman_facepalming:

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