Crashes after update

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After the update game always crashes near big bases! Its impossible to play anymore! I cant play on pve servers because people have big bases there and not only me have this problem. All people on ps4 as i know!
But its ok, i could play… but then i had a crash and oher players took all my stuff with flawless legion armor, legendary weapons!! Then i made another complect of everything with all my resources and then i had another crash and again all my stuff were stolen!!! Now i dont want to play anymore because i dont want to spend hours to craft my stuff and then loose everything like this!! I ask you to return me my stuff or to do something else with that! Thaks!


Try completely reinstall the game from your console.
Remember that I will lose your history server list and favorites in Conan.

If you do this after every patch, you will notice the game will be more stable in general.

I crashed after the mounts patch, but can’t reinstall myself.

Welcome to the comunity. Thank you for confirming my words about the chaos in the pve servers. Everyone is building massively causing lags and crushes all the time. It’s impossible to make a simple fight. It’s impossible to play. For this reason, me, a tottaly pve player, join pvp servers to play. This is not a solution, but it is what i do. I post a topic asking for buiding limits online only. I don’t mind for pvp, the game nature destroy the big constructions, but on pve? Thank you again

i have been playing pve 3000 server ps4. all time crashed game. We do not play. menus are broken. funcom do you hear players? funcom very indifferent to players. if we open these issues reddit maybe we will draw their attention.

They’ve been chasing the freezing issue since 2018.

Good luck trying to get it fixed sarcasm

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Hello @Velvet, welcome to the forums!

Which server do you play on?
Do you experience any similar issues in different servers or singleplayer?

Could you please try to do a reinstall of the game as well as rebuilding the PS4 database after?

If the game crashes on the mounts horse. you find green field yourself dead.

I have tried it all, and the crashes still happening, it is frustrating… With all the bugs, undermesh bases and exploits by other players, to get disconnected on a full server in raid time. I love the game but all this are huge turnoffs, plus the fact of the LATAM servers reset, My wife and I are about to give up on this game all together.
I’m not feeling the love from Funcom at all.

Hi @Porkslap :-); On my side, it’s not freezing anymore : the loading bar lasts forever (tested more than 30 minutes a few times) and never opened a session (SP), even under 420p screen resolution … “Sarcasm2”

All servers:( pvp and pve for example 8041

Did you try the suggested measures shared in the previous reply to see if they help with the crashing?

Also, please ensure you have your PS on a wired connection rather than wireless and let us know if it helps.

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