Game crashes when loading official server 3513

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: Crash (10+ times today) (6+ times I the last 20 minutes.)
Region: US

Game crashes continuously. I can’t load in. Earlier, I loaded about 5 times. When I did get in, played, died, crash. Then I tried 5+ times before I just gave up in frustration.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Crash happens because I was playing.
  2. Load the game.
  3. Crash happens in the middle of loading
  4. Start from Step 2.

(I’m not trying to be sarcastic. This literally has been my life for the last hour.)

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Yeah I’ve been crashing a lot too. They really need to fix that because it really makes me not want to play anymore. You can’t enjoy a game that crashes you constantly.

I have also tried reinstalling the game but it doesn’t seem to have fixed anything. I play on PS4 Pro so maybe that’s why because my clan has a regular PS4 and doesn’t have the same issue I have.

i have same problem on private server. Region EU

Same with 3515

If I cant make it back inside before I keep crashing and I get raided tomorrow at 5 then I’m just going to delete the game!!! and then redownload it when it’s working again :crazy_face: seriously though, this sucks, I’m addicted. Screw forkknife, this game is legit.

Hello @Blaze, we apologize for the frustration you’re facing with this issue.

Our team is currently working on a hotfix patch and we are gathering more information on the crashes that some users are experiencing, it would be of great help to us if anyone that’s currently experiencing them after the last update shares what’s triggering them ( trying to login to an official server, opening a chest, loading a base, etc ), and if they occur both in singleplayer and online modes.

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Thank you. So far, it’s not crashing on me. I noticed that repeated logins after a crash makes it unstable, but for my best friend, it just randomly crashes. It even crashed when he logged out. Lol. I’ll update you guys whenever it does with what I did next time it happens. :slight_smile:

Same with 3162, except support has not contacted me yet. You’re so lucky to get an actual reply from them

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