Creature Mob Spawn rate to fast

I am wondering if there was a way to slow the spawn rate for creature mobs. When I clear a cave of spiders and go back to my home and go back, the spiders are back. I know there is a spawn rate slider for NPC’s but there is none for creature mob. Is it possible to add a creature mob spawn rate slider so we can have a 30 minute to a hour for respawns.

It kills the game for me when I clear a area and everything comes back the second I leave.

The respawn rate is set to 15 mins by default I believe. The slider you mentioned affects both creatures and human NPCs, mess around with it until you find what works for best you.

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It’s 15 minutes by default, not “the second I leave”. Adjust it in your server settings and stop being so melodramatic.

Hi @namjjman86 ; are you playing on a dedicated server or offline in singleplayer/ cooperative? My experience is that single player seems to respawn much faster than online; I’m not sure if it’s to do with server settings or the way that the world state is managed, or some mixture of the two If you search on the wiki there’s a page for what all the server settings do that might steer you in the right direction as I know from my experience the values don’t always work the way you’d expect them to from the description.

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Plenty of settings on a Gportal server site are counterintuitive read closely and experiment.

Are you playing offline or private server.?

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