NPC respawn multiplier

So i tested it at one point and 0.1= fastest respawn and 10= slowest. And it applies while im IN THE AREA, but as soon as I get a small distance away, they respawn instantly. I play single player, is there a way to make them respawn slower? I know why this occurs in a multiplayer scenario, but im SP and it removes some of the gravity for them to respawn as soon as i gallop away five feet. Current multiplier is set to 7.5+

As a side note enemies i have knocked out disappear when i move a quite literal 10m away

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:point_up_2: This is your main problem. In a single player game, your client is also the server, and it saves resources by only dealing with what is rendered in on your screen. This means there are no AI’s to deal with in areas that you don’t care about (like on the other side of the map). The problem with this is that when you enter an area the server (your game client) has to spawn everything in for you.

If you insist on playing single player, then probably the only way to fix your problem would be to host a server (just for yourself) that runs on your own computer. This will require a little extra work but can be done fairly easily and for free. It will greatly improve your game experience and will also fix other problems that are native to single player.

This is the download for the latest Dedicated Server Launcher (1.6.2) and here are the installation instructions. A long installation guide always makes something sound overly complicated, but I assure you it is fairly simple. Best of luck to you. :wink:


DaVice has the right idea of it. Play all these games using their dedicated server locally. I do this for Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers, Terraria, Starbound, Empyrion, Valheim, and many other survival games, if I’m just playing by myself.

Conan Exiles especially benefits from it due to meteors. Who’s spawn rate is rather long and resets everytime you leave their general area in singleplayer.

The benefit also is if you do have random friends who have those games, they can join in when you’re playing and not be tethered.

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They are there, but invisible/underground. I usually teleport away and back. Happened this in coop too, so I see it is not strictly single player issue, it’s an other one! (hoorray…)


Is it a problem to run the dedicated server and client on the same pc/hdd/ssd?

I want to say no, but the last time I did it, I did have a weird error. But the error didn’t prevent me from playing normally. It was just annoying. I think I had to launch the game first then the dedicated server.

But this was back in early 2018, so I’m not sure if its still a thing. There is probably a work around if its still the case.

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I appreciate the information, i think i will explore this option. Does modding change when doing this? I have a handful i now consider mandatory for playing the game, like unlock+ (craft from containers from valheim, anyone?..).

I would honestly find an empty Official server if I could

Yes you can play with mods.

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