Crom Coin Alternatives & Debate (Poll)

I like rainbows. :blush:
It is what it is and I’m glad they’ll implement it. Give it time and you’ll see.

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That’s the plan.


I have faith in the team that they will do everything possible to keep it fair. But unfortunately I’m afraid that not everything is in their hands.

What I am not thinking about until now is…and do we know anything about it:

Will there be for example a 10 000 cc pack for 10 euros and a 20 000 cc for 19 euros?

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I really don’t like the bulk way of selling currency used by F2P games. They usually offer a discount on the highest bundles and generally they are very expensive.

The official DLC were very cheap when you compare them to the way F2P games offer things like a cosmetic skin which is crazy expensive.

I also don’t like the name. An in game marketplace? It reminds me of the PS2, not Conan.

Emporium, emporium, emporium!

I think Crom Coins is okay, but that has nothing to do with the Black Lotus theme. I think creatively, this needs more polish.

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Oh my god you just explained crypto to me more clearly than any of my tech friends or online articles ever have. Now I get it! The mining is actually doing something.

I thought it was just making more coins, and somehow that used so much electricity that an acre of rainforest was torched per coin or whatever. I also didn’t understand how the coins could be worth anything when they can just be made on demand… but the equation bits have to be solved to make a coin. Thank you.

Fiat currencies aren’t exactly made up though. I mean they sort of are… but they’re also backed up by the legal and literal firepower of nation states.

Just want to say generally too, @Marcospt has an unusual viewpoint but I don’t think it’s crazy or unethical. Seems like he’s saying that the real price of a batch of crom coins is worked out so that you can use that equivalent of money in different combinations. If you choose a certain combination over another it looks like you have some left over, but really you’ve always spent, say, $20 for two skins and a building set. You may have more or less change at any point, but two skins and a building set will always end up being $20.

The difference between this and regular money is you can only spend the Funcom change with Funcom. Hence his analogy about the ice cream card. You buy five ice creams for $2 each and get a sixth one free… or did you in fact buy six ice creams for $10? It’s all perspective. Are you happy you got the free ice cream, or angry that you couldn’t choose to buy only 5 ice creams for $1.65 each? Well too bad that’s not the price the ice cream dude offered.

At least I think that’s what he meant :thinking:



  1. Will we be getting some larger bonuses to the coins, when buying them ( think it was something like 20-30% for the top Zen pack, in ST:O), or not?

  2. Will we get regional adjustements to the prices, considering that what might be considered “cheap” or “acceptable” in one region (i.e. - US, Germany, UK) will end up being “expensive” in another (i.e. middle Europe) and “straight out ridiculous” in some other. ST:O again seems to have a good way of enabling their customers by making the currency “affordable” no matter where they live.

  3. What will be the total cost for those with “compulsing “maxing out” disorder”? Again, the system of introduction of discounts (anniversary, events or just regular “every so often” ones - 20-35% off) make it (at least for me) more compelling to shut up and give Cryptic my money. On the other hand - the aggresive monetization BioWare Austin used, in SW:TOR - turned me away from that game for good.
    The early days of Wargaming’s WoT & WoWs were also compelling to turn hundreds, or thousands of USD worth of payments, while the “greedy phase” they are now is just a disapointment and turn off to do so.
    So, which path does Funcom choose: the one where people leave piles of cash, and go away happy?
    Or the one where a distase and feeling of being ripped off ensures, after trying to maximize the deco collection…?

  4. Will choosing Crom as a starting religion (and/or building some altars/rituals) result in more Crome coins bonus/discounts in the store? (/joke)

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Not always. Or rather, it depends what you mean by ‘doing something’. I believe BitCoin mining, for instance, doesn’t solve anything except itself - ie it’s useless unless you believe BitCoin in itself is a good thing. I believe other currencies do try to put the work involved to use, but I’m no expert.


Will we be able to earn a small amount of Crom Coins in-game?


I was poking mainly at the US, as our greenback is a debt note. At least with Bitcoin, the effort it took can be equated to Kilowatt-Hours and joules. Therefore there is an actual dollar value to begin with. In my area, all of the joules were at the time produced by a solar cooperative attached to our rural electric grid. This solar system was disincentivized during the last administration, and our power was briefly revived in coal, of all things. Therefore my mining ceased. This is not political, it’s simply the ways things can and shouldn’t be done in Colorado.

The cost of the Kilowatt-Hour was 10 cents. With my four miners, I could clear one coin every 336 hours - with each consuming 1000 watts. Plus cooling. At least we can arrive at a starting value, from which we can then extrapolate an action-potential. It isn’t based on nothing. This isn’t Seinfeld. :bass riff:

Funcom could dedicate the next three months of dev time to mining the easy blocks and accumulating the ownership stake in the pot of Crom Coins. They could then open the mine to players and subscribers.

Aside: You and I both pay PS Plus about $60 US just to enjoy Multiplayer games. I wonder if Funcom has even considered the revenue stream from such a subscriber system for Official play on the PC?


If Funcom implements their own network in game, then you don’t need to pay for PS multiplayer access. Tencent is building a metaverse, so as a dev I would expect public libraries of code to use in the dev kit.


From what i read and heard in video NO. Can only be Bought. (at this time) (Some earned in Battle Pass, We DO NOT know if any of them are part of Free ones you can earn. Sounds like you get enough to get next Battle Pass free (if you bought 1st one) That rarely last past Season 2.

Pretty sure other guy trying Ham it up works for Tencent, sent here to counter any negative response on it, same when Tencent bought out most of Investors.
They are trying really hard to respond to all comments against it and get people into idea that spending more money then they should.

And thats creepy as hell.

Tin Foil Hat /on rrr /off?

Crap… I don’t remember!!!

Hopfully the Croms Coins are decently priced, or allow you to buy EXACTLY the amount need as 1-1 value. So you can avoid left overs.
Funcom can Join Mojang in being Decent Human beings. =3


I dunno but current tech and user mind-set isn’t ready for a metaverse. Also to truly build a metaverse the individual contributors must be of a free, grass roots, bottom up, participation structure. Top-down integration like Facebook (or as you claim Tencent), is attempting will never work unless they somehow acquire THE INTERNET in near totality. So currently this meta talk is all nonsense.

Oh? The metaverse is all about XR right now. It gives you a pad to showcase your adventures and achievements. It tries to be standard about it. Adding modern monetization is interesting.

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Hrm…Conan Exiles is basically going the same way as Fallout 76.

Can’t say I’m thrilled at this news, but I’m prepared to be open-minded, and see how things are implemented.

That being said, if they follow the same ridiculous prices as Zenimax, I think it’ll be the last nail in the coffin for me.

Sorcery looks interesting though.

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Would you mind explaining this a little more. How could they bypass playstation or xbox just by building a metaverse?

wouldnt Playstation for example, drop Conan exiles or Funcom as a whole?

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Right now the metaverse is the room/space you first enter when you put on the VR headset before you choose a game. The future is to allow your friends to join you in your room/space/pad. It’s possible to do that now, but I digressed.

Why would they drop them for that? Crom coins are account wide. More trade means more business.

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i suppose i meant the part you said we wouldnt need to pay playstation for online. im sure in that instance playstation wouldnt carry Funcoms content anymore.

But you dont have to explain further, thanks for the reply :grin::+1:

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I searched for a better example, for a few minutes.

Funcom Live Services looks like what’s needed for Funcom to implement its own network.


my bad making you search all that time man
thanks for that though i appreciate it


Personally…it’s gotten way too complicated in everyone’s expectations and explanations.

crom coin is currency only useful in CE. It’s is a one way exchange and that means you may have some left over that is useless unless you plan on another purchase.

Once again, you can choose not to make any purchases and still enjoy the game. That is your choice. You can also choose to not play the game if you believe there are ethical issues with this. However it is all perfectly legal and no one is getting scammed in the legal definition of the term.

Now I will say that as a ps plus member and console player of multiple mmo’s and remember the old days of PC gaming, I don’t see the big deal. Sony does this sort of thing. Epic games, EA games, Blizzard, Microsoft etc etc etc etc etc etc have all done this. They do it for a reason and yes it puts you committed to the game/console/operating system. …but the outrage is over 20 years too late IMHO.