Crom's Reach (relaxed RP, heavy PVE, and light PVP)

Server Name: Crom’s Reach
Server IP for Direct Connect:

Welcome to new players who are trying out Conan Exiles over the free weekend and to those who are returning to explore all that Funcom has created with the Anniversary Update.

We’re a small community of experienced players who would like to extend an invitation anyone interested in relaxed RP, heavy PVE, and light PVP. Join us on Crom’s Reach for the weekend or longer if you enjoy the game and the community.

There are a limited number of mods on the server to add some flavor to the game but not overwhelm it as well as admin mods to help build custom locations and adventure sites. The admins have been playing Conan Exiles since the first day of early access and have not wavered in their love of the game.

Please consider joining us on Discord for server rules and notifications.

Mod List:
Pippi - server management tool and so much more
Emberlight - additional feats, placeables, vanity tables to change both your character and thralls
RP Aesthetics - added makeup and hair options
DungeonMasterTools - Funcom assets for building new locations and new gear for players
Conan Sexiles - 18+ emotes and items
Savage Steel - placeables, placeables, placeables!
(Mods will automatically download. Be sure to check the box to Show Servers with Mods.)

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We have a player hosted event happening tomorrow. Come join us if you’d like to adventure into the depths of the newest dungeon with players of various levels and experience.

What are the harvest and xp rates? How many slots are on the server?

The server is 40 slot.
XP and harvest rates vary. We do things a bit differently with server settings. The info is on our Discord with a PDF explaining it.
Thank you for asking.