Hand of Discord Server PVE-C with RP elements. Also keep your stuff when you die! 18+ Now with Discord!

Looking for a server that is PVP light, full of RP placeables and full of character customization? Then are we the place for you.

Our sever is fairly mod heavy but is monitored daily by the admins to make sure there is nothing conflicting.

There have also been multiple changes to crafting speeds, harvesting and XP to make it very casual friendly. No more grinding for hours on end to create a sub par base. The rates aren’t crazy. Harvesting is 2.5X and there is an XP bump for crafting and harvesting.

We also hate the corpse run so we have added the Emberlight Lament mod which gives you corruption (12.5%) and gear damage (10%) when you die starting at level 30. This way there is still a penalty for death but you don’t have to run naked into the dregs and kill yourself on the stairs to open them just to run all the way back in and possibly die to retrieve your gear in front of that giant slug.

Full list of mods to come. Please join us!

if the above doesn’t work try

Server restarts 5am Est Daily. Takes roughly 10-15 min to restart.



Check out our post on Steam to get an up to dated picture of the mods we are using

Now with more Discord! https://discord.gg/sDEgFEa

Come join our Discord server for status updates, let me know ideas you have for the server and also just come hangout.