[PC] Casually focused, reasonably performative Light RP/PVP server


Discord: discord.gg/r54JY87

This is a server designed for people who want more risk and excitement than can generally be found in PvE, but don’t have the time to compete in PvP or to always show up for the C periods in PvE-C.

It’s based on London so should be solid ping from anywhere on Eastern US or Western EU and is run on a google cloud compute VM which should be about as good performance wise as you can get without moving to a dedicated machine.

The game is RP enforced, meaning your name, local chat and general behaviour is always considered In Character, but beyond that you can RP as much or as little as you’d like.

The settings are fairly vanilla, with 1x exp rate and 2.4x harvest rates. PvP is enabled, but not item dropping on corpses or building damage, so there’s little risk from higher level players griefing, but are still some risks from other players due to mods. The following mods are running on the server and I’d suggest people use auto-matching mod settings to avoid having to worry too much about them.

  • Pippi’s User and server management: This mod enables a bunch of server management tools, in this instance it’s being used to create a safe zone around Sepermeru, give players the ability to create shops, unlock all emotes, buy some basic resources or dyes, travel around faster by speaking to caravaneer NPCs outside all the major cities. It also gives command line moderator tools which is useful because…
  • Strays No Admin: This mod stops the admin panel from being opened, in conjunction with pippi it means that while moderator tools for dealing with abusive, cheating or griefy players still exists, you can be reasonably confident the admins can’t load objects for themselves or otherwise unbalance the game.
  • Emberlight: This is a pretty large mod that adds a lot more RP objects to the game, as well a few more character options and vanity tables for customizing the look of yourself/your thralls.
  • Emberlight - Lament: This adds death penalties in the form of equipment damage and corruption, making death still something well worth avoiding while not being as potentially griefy as losing all your stuff. It also helps with the RP angle as death can now be seen as just having been badly injured and forced to run away and convalesce in front of some entertainers.
  • Speech Bubbles: Adds speech bubbles to local chat, very nice for text-rp.
  • PvE Plus Ambush: This mod randomly can make some NPCs appear to attack you, while not generally that threatening, they can be tough if they catch you at a bad time and it adds a bit more risk and excitement to the game.
  • Fashionist: This mod allows you to change the appearance of your armor to look like any other armor, as well as hide pieces, like your helmet.
  • Conan Sexiles: This mod allows you to capture and tie up other players, potentially adding more PvP risk to an RP server with characters being captured and interrogated by other tribes etc, but not being terribly useful in a griefy way. It also adds ■■■ emotes for people who like that sort of RP.
  • Strays Thralls: Gives the ability to craft behaviour tokens that you can give to thralls to control the emotes they do.
  • RP Aesthetics: More character creation options.
  • Exiled Lands Improved(Character features only): More character creation options and emote improvements.
  • Tier4 Thralls - Increased Spawn: Makes T4 thralls spawn more often so they’re easy to obtain and you are less likely to have to do bizarre things like murder crafter NPCs over and over.
  • Slightly Less Thrall Placement Restrictions: Makes placing thralls where you want them a little easier.
  • DyeMoreBetter: Adds more dyes.
  • NoxUIchanges: Makes the UI a little less likely to cover up your screen and make you unable to see things.
  • LitMan Item Stack&Container Size: Increases item stack limit and the size of containers, makes organizing your materials a fair bit easier and nicer.
  • LitMan Level 78: Increase the max level to 78 for a bit more progression.
  • LitMan Loot Legendary Chest: Allows you to open legendary chests at any level as soon as you can defeat the bosses.

That’s it, it’s a fair sized list but they’re mostly pretty lightweight, there are no plans for the server to do wipes or for the admin to be particular hands on, this is a pretty vanilla rp-pvp conan experience with some enhancements, and enough moderation to stop abuse/cheating/griefing.


Tried to join, got wrong version using automatically subscribe and download on the follwing;

LitMan Level Seventy Eight
LitMan Item Stack & Container size