Crushing Tide Inconsistencies

The following are two examples where Crushing Tide is used with spirit blade attacks AND 4 Chi saved up. In both cases the attack that triggers the Crushing Tide damage also generates one chi and forges/consumes the 5 spirit blade attacks that are generated. The actual number of Crushing Tide hits that are generated however is inconsistent as the following two videos/parses will show:

[](http://10 Spirit Blade Attacks)

[](http://5 Spirit Blade Attacks)

The next two pictures show the corresponding Crushing Tide hits that proc in each instance. Pictures are respective to there above videos in that order.

The conclusion is that the maximum number of crushing tide hits you can proc at once is 9. This is shown in the first example where 10 spirit blade attacks are saved up and 5 chi is consumed in the process. It makes sense that the initial hit that triggers Crushing Tide will consume 1 spirit blade attack leaving the remaining 9 to be consumed for the crushing tide proc’s but this scenario wastes 5 spirit blade attacks due to the chi that is consumed in the process.

In the second example we can see 8 crushing tide procs resulting from 5 spirit blade attacks and the consumption of 5 chi. This actually doesn’t seem to follow the expected pattern stated above even if it is using the newly forged spirit blade attacks correctly here. I would expect 9 again in this instance or 4 crushing tide procs if it ignored the consumed chi as occurs in the first example. A possibility is that what happens here is the following:

The attack that procs crushing tides damage consumes one of the existing spirit blade attacks then forges 5 more attacks with chi and uses ANOTHER spirit blade attack from the 5 newly forged spirit blade attacks. Then converts the remaining 8 spirit blade attacks into Crushing tide procs as shown in the parse.

Easiest solution might be to prevent it from consuming the newly forged chi as part of the crushing tide procs all together.

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Unsure if this may have some relation to what you were observing, but you were only getting 4 spirit blade attacks when spirit blade initially forged and not 5, because the 5th one was being eaten by the attack that procced spirit blade forging.
This was unintended and was on the “to be fixed list” pretty much day 1 of the last beta.

Thanks that actually explains some of the inconsistency in the second example because I was unsure where 2 of the crushing tide damage procs were going. So it would seem one is consumed during forge and the second is consumed as part of the crushing tide proc.

It still remains an issue that 5 spirit blade attacks are lost in the first example though.