Cursed Tree is broken

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

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You need to post this to Zendesk. Funcom Zendesk. Com

If you are having difficult to place, know that i had a time in hell trying to figure out how to place it, it has hitbox of 4x4x4 cube where nothing can overlap. It needs to go in a plain ground, with absolutelly nothing around. If you could figure it out and place the tree then you will be able to place some stuff around.

Another day i removed it accidentally and had to repeat the entire process

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Thank you for the info. This was the one item from the battle pass I actually wanted. That is a pretty lazy design to make this almost implacable. This isn’t selling me on getting another battle pass.

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