D2D and Aliens Story

As you know, myself and the ARK Events team had put on events for a few years, about D2D and Aliens. This was not all random fun, but it was all a part of a storyline. In the little time I have, I have managed to write down part one of the story.
Off course we are no longer able to continue the story, as ARK now does not exist. I hope you enjoy the story and maybe it will answer some questions about why this all happened.
Of course it was about extra game content for the players, but it was a part of a storyline. I will post the second part soon™



ARK Events Team

Part 1-Dust 2 Dust

Jet Sisters

Their history needs to be clarified, but what is known is that Sheri Tater found and looked after them; they were named Jet from the green-black hair they had when found.

It was said that Sheri had found them in Arid Rift, Abandoned, but their actual age was unknown, but they would have been around ten from DNA processing.

They both did not say a word for a long time, and when asked what had happened and how they became stranded, they did not know.

Many years passed, with Sheri bringing them up the best she could but always wondering how they came about; of course, this remained a secret till now.

Jane Jet soon left Sheri and her sister. No one is sure why, but she joined the Dust Brigade ranks at a very young age, going after a discussion between her and her sister about how they must find the required information. What this information was about, Sheri did not know, but they were old enough to take care of themselves; the sadness is that Sheri has not spoken to her to this day and will not speak about them. Clarissa set off to Shadowlands a year or so later without explanation, but I need help finding something.

Jane Jet

Jane Jet soon gained the rank of commander after many responsibilities throughout her time in the Dust Brigade. It was said that she was never happy with how things were run in the Dust Brigade, so the high command sent her to Perpetual Wastelands to oversee the Xan Mining operations.

From what we know about Jane Jet, this could have been her plan to join the mining operations. Unfortunately, all this information about the sisters took much work and is sketchy.

It was reported that she left one night with equipment and with many soldiers; her whereabouts were unknown until a day came when reports of a squad of Dust brigade soldiers commanded by Jane Jet were looking for something; many locations were invaded with mining equipment and ready to fight Dust Brigade Soldiers.

This information about Jane and her intentions could only be gathered now. A discovered information disc did, however, uncover that the Dust Brigade Leaders were letting Jane Jet carry on with her quest; one thing that was mentioned within the information disc was the word Artifact.

Battles with all factions came about with Jane Jet and her soldiers when they approached them to see what they were up to and looking for; every time Jane Jet would escape the clutches of the defenders, this left a lot of frustration and confusion on what this artefact was and why she needed this so badly. More to the worry of many is that the Dust brigade leaders also had an underlying plan to take the artefact of Jane Jet once found. Many defenders joined the quest to rid the Dust brigade and Jane Jet; they even made T-shirts and named the quest “ D2D” Dust 2 Dust.

Clarissa Jet

Information gathered by a Yuttos said that a Girl was wandering about Shadowlands when they found her while on a scavenger hunt for some parts.

The Yuttos looked upon her and noticed she was hurt, cold and disoriented. Yuttos asked her who she was. She stared back at him with dark and tearful eyes and muttered, “Please Help me.”

Yuttos decided to take her back to his dwellings and care for this girl he had found on his scavenger hunt; Yuttos tended to her wounds over the coming days and kept her warm and fed.

He did not pressure her for any answers and did not question, but after a few days, she sat up in her bed and began to thank Yuttos for helping her. Yuttos asked her who she was and why she was wandering Shadowlands.

The Girl looked at Yuttos and, with a gentle voice, said, I do not remember; I do not even know my name; everything is so blurred. Yuttos asked if you had some items in your backpack that would help you remember. She grabbed her backpack by the bed and began slowly searching her bag. She looked at Yuttos with a confused look and said that it was empty, apart from a small, folded piece of paper in a hidden compartment at the bottom of her backpack. She also noticed a name on a tag that said “Property of Clarissa Jet.” she produced a sorrowful smile and said, this must be me. Yuttos said he would call her Clarissa, as this must be your name, as the backpack was found in her clutches.

Clarissa began to look at the carefully folded paper with a confused look. To Yuttos’s surprise, it opened into a large sheet of paper. Clarissa started to look over the sheet, mumbling something, but then handed the paper to Yuttos, saying, please look at this for me; I think I need glasses to read.

Yuttos gladly accepted and began to read what was on the paper, made some strange noises and then said, it is written in the language of Shadowlands; this should be easy to read.

While looking at the sheet and then back at Clarissa, he was muttering something about Alien Technology and information together. He raised his head, looked at Clarissa, and said, we need to get you to Omni-Med to help your wounds that are not healing; I will head off the wise ones of the Council of Truth. Omni-Med can help you remember more about yourself and where you obtained this map. So, the girl looked at him with hope and agreed to travel with him.

The Council of Truth:

Before Yuttos attended the Council of Truth, he kept his word and visited Omni-Med. He introduced them to Clarissa; they welcomed the girl and gave her a room and a personal medic to care for her. They were sure that they could bring her memory back with medical care, and with that, Yuttos made his way to the Council of Truth.

It was said to be one of those foggy days when strange sounds carried by the winds emanating from the backdrop of TIR when Yuttos attended a meeting with the Council of Truth.

The rest of the council gathered around the table to look at this large paper containing words, scribbles and what looked like mining plans.

Yuttos began to read the text to the rest of the members. He began to tell them that there was a commander called Jane Jet. She had overseen Xan Mining operations in Perpetual Wastelands.

Yuttos said Jane Jet had personal notes; it was written to Clarissa Jet, with mining plans all over Rub-Ka and even Shadowlands. No specific items she was looking for were written down, but a massive list of needed machinery included Drop Ships, Drilling equipment, power plants, and much more.

Simon Silverstone was also at this meeting; he had arrived earlier in the day and demanded information about the recent activity of the Dust Brigade terrorists.

Yuttos noticed Simon’s temper was about to be ignited. Yuttos quickly asked Simon why he was getting so angry. Simon threw his cup on the floor, asking why this information had only been brought to the council’s attention until now.

Yuttos looked at Simon and then told him softly and calmly about how he had found the girl and the paper. So, he asked Simon what he knew about this and why he demanded action against the Dust Brigade.

Simon said that some of his Sentinel patrol Delta Units had been attacked and killed by a Dust brigade outside TIR City.

Yuttos looked surprised and asked Simon to tell him more about this Dust Brigade encounter.

Simon took a deep breath, sighed heavily, and told the Yuttos about the encounter.

A wounded guard who fled the conflict reported that they had been spying on them before they approached the Dust Brigade unit to see what they were up to. They had seen four Power Unit Towers and many Dust Brigade soldiers un-packing cargo boxes; they also witnessed a giant airship dropping off guards and equipment.

He said a commander was under a tent talking to other officers; a soldier had called her Commander Jet.

After much deliberation on whether to report the findings or approach them, they confronted them, but they were attacked before speaking, the guard was wounded and had been ordered to get reinforcements back.

Simon paused momentarily, then began to say that by the time the other units had arrived, the area was cleared as if they were never there. The delta unit and other citizen defenders could terminate the towers and kill many dust brigade soldiers, but Commander Jet and the rest of her squad escaped.

Silverstone’s Plan.

Simon Silverstone thought it was about time for him to chat with Clarissa Jet; he wanted to know why there was a message written to her by Jane Jet. He knew she was still held at Omni Med and created a cunning plan to get her into the Clan territory.

Some volunteers agreed to fulfil Simons’ goal and headed to Omni Med. The journey was not without complications, but eventually, they arrived at Omni-med; a nurse answered the door and, with a stern voice, asked them what they wanted. Hannah was one of the volunteers and spoke up, saying that they were there to collect Clarissa Jet; the nurse inquired why she should go with them, Hannah replied that one of the previous council members was her uncle and Hannah was her mother.

Whether Omni-Med believed them or not, they still let her return with them; a note was added that a particular distinguished-looking person was looking from afar. They heard this man being called MCVERT; it was almost like he had let her go with a slight nod, but in his eyes, they could see he had another plan in mind. Nonetheless, they took Clarissa back to Tir, where It was agreed that she should remain on Rubi-Ka.

Hannah spoke up and said she would look after her while recovering. She brought her back to her small but comfortable apartment; Clarissa was told to restrict her movements and to report once a week if she could offer any information on why she had a personal message from the Dust Brigade Commander, Jane Jet. Any information she had about Jane Jet. During this time, she made many friends with her new hobby, people-watching.

Blood, Sweat & Beers:

Over many months, battles took place all over the lands of Rubi-Ka, always ending the same way, with the defenders frustrated with Jane Jet’s escape. Blood, Sweat, and beers were the words used by most defenders after each ferocious battle.

It was said that Clarissa Jet had regained most of her memory but was very secretive about her past or why she was at shadowlands. Still, through defenders’ investigation with the port controller of ICC, they found in the logs that she had travelled to Shadowlands originally with Jane Jet. This information also made Simon Silverstone more suspicious of her and upped her visits to twice a week.

Clarissa Jet had been showing interest in people-watching the by-the-grid terminals, talking to random people, and trying to get to know them. Day by day, she would walk around freely, talking to some of the defenders more than others, always seeking information. Many defenders did not think anything of her interests but took an immediate liking to her, almost as if she was put on the planet to be their friend.

Many defenders who survived the battles would end up in the same bar as Clarissa and tell her how brave they were, and they showed her the battle scars they received; this never phased Clarissa and would encourage them to say to her more about their battles.

Clarissa asked them once: do you always see Jane at these battles? One of the prominent Enforcers threw his beverage across the floor while the ruminants of the beer dripped off his giant beard and began shouting that he always saw her; she was always under a tent with many guards, and then poof, she was gone! Seeing that this had made her sad, he began apologising for shouting and walked off to gain another beverage while muttering under his breath.

One evening, Clarissa spoke to her good friend Hannah and requested that she attend the battles in the hope that she may talk to Jane Jet. Hannah asked why; Clarissa replied, I don’t know, but I feel something, I mean, she has the same name; maybe I do know her but cannot remember. Hannah told a few others what was said, and it was agreed that she could come along but to keep her distance, and if they caught Jane Jet, then she could see her and ask some questions on the way back to Newland Prison.

The Battle:

This battle will always be written in the history books, not for the gallant ` that the defenders fought or the overwhelming force of the Dust Bridge, but this was the battle that Clarissa decided to attend and changed everything.

Once again, the Dust Brigade set up another location, bringing their forceful might and equipment. As soon as the site was discovered, many defenders gathered at the border, ready to attack the Dust Brigade and hoping they would capture Jane Jet this time.

The tension was building as they started their short walk to the Dust Brigade site; funny that it may have seemed, but Clarissa seemed excited at an impending attack, a side of Clarissa that Hannah had not seen before, but Hannah shrugged off the thought as quickly as it came.

The battle commenced with the blazing of guns and the swift execution of swords; still not phased by all the blood and death, Clarissa decided to edge closer and closer to the tents, hiding behind large containers. She could now see Jane Jet; in turn, Jane saw Clarissa’s face as she peered around a container.

A scream came out from Jane Jet, so loud that her voice echoed around the valley; everything was almost in slow motion as a tear ran down Jane’s cheek.

She could not believe her eyes. My Sister, My Sister, she screamed, my dear sister! From what we were told, Jane Jet shouted orders to a lead soldier; suddenly, a huge drop ship appeared from the sky, appearing out of nowhere with a deafening crack across the valley.

Defenders in disbelief and confusion were also told to stand down as Dust Brigade force left as quickly as they came; all that was left was the swirling dust, slowly covering up the dead and injured.

Jane jet ran towards Clarissa, only to meet the rise of guns pointing towards her. You stop there, Jane Jet, one of the enforcers shouted. No, no said Clarissa; let her pass, please.

With reluctance, they lowered their weapons and let Jane walk towards her; with tears in Jane’s eyes, she began to speak to Clarissa, saying that the last time she saw her was in shadowlands. she began to tell her the story that they were sisters looking for the same thing, she then tried to explain what happened to her and said that they visited Shadowlands when she had slipped on the ice and fell into a ravine between the rocks. Jane Jet said she tried to grab her hand but missed; she heard a scream slowly fading until she saw her disappear into the cold darkness. She told Clarissa that she thought she was gone forever.

Clarissa, in shock, suddenly remembered what had happened and who Jane was; according to Clarissa, it was like a blindfold being taken off so that she could see for the first time. Everything was clear now, and she began to remember; it was now Clarissa’s turn to have tears roll down her unblemished cheeks as she began to tell Jane how she got out of the ravine and was rescued by a Yuttos. They both headed to the other side of the dig site, closely being watched by the other defenders, still in disbelief and confusion. They talked for what seemed an eternity by the itchy trigger fingers of some of the defenders. No one knows what was said between them, but Jane Jet agreed to turn herself into the Clan authorities on Simon Silverstone’s orders.

Journey to Newland Prison:

The journey to Newland was happy for many; beer was fluent amongst the now battle-hardened defenders. Songs were sung, and laughter filled the battle cruiser. The Jet sisters just sat opposite each other and glared into each other’s eyes without words; the guards found this strange as Clarissa wanted to ride with them to speak about the past and future with Jane. Hannah decided to stay with the rest of the defenders, knowing that the carnage could finally be over, and her friend Clarissa finally found her memories and her sister; she sat down drinking and put her head back against the wall with a smile, saying, it’s a good day for all.

They finally reached Newland; the guards were awaiting Jane Jets’ arrival and swiftly took her to the cells. As she was taken away, she smiled and said to Clarissa that she would see her soon and everything would work out. Hannah took Clarissa by the hand and said, let’s have some fun; I am sure you will be able to visit your sister soon; with a smile, Clarissa agreed and joined the already-drunk defenders.

Simon Silverstone was made aware of Jane Jet’s capture and all that went on with the battle. Even though Simon produced a small smile, this was not enough to make him happy; he wanted her in Tir prison, not Newland prison, but the council thought it would be safer to keep Jane Jet separate from the now-found artefact. The Council of Truth instructed Simon Silverstone to store the artefact until they could find something to read the inscriptions.

The Artefact:

Through the massive battles that took place over many months between the defenders and the Dust Brigade, they saw that Jane Jet had indeed found an artefact and now had the full force of the Dust Brigade. One battle that took many lives on both sides saw Jane Jet try to use the Artifact on a massive Bomb, of course, failed, and now the artefact was in Simon Silverstone’s possession; there were no connection terminals, wires or even a display panel, Simon Silverstone was confused by this and summoned Yuttos to look at the artefact.

Yuttos had already translated the writings on the paper found on Clarissa, so indeed, he could explain the artefact.

Yuttos attended a meeting with Simon Silverstone and looked at the artefact. Information from that meeting is limited, but we know that the object was a medium-sized cylindrical shape, shiny with text columns all around the cylinder. Yuttos could not read the Text and had never seen this item before. Yuttos wanted to keep the shiny object, but Simon Silverstone took it from Yutto’s grasp, muttering something.

From then, the writings still needed to be translated, but Simon Silverstone secured the artefact within the depths of Tir Prison archives, a secret place many guards still have not seen; only Simon Silverstone’s elite guards are trusted to visit and guard its treasures.

Tir Prison:

After many months, it was decided to transfer Jane Jet to Tir Prison from Newland Prison. To this day, we still do not know why this was done or who gave the order, but we know it was not by Simon Silverstone, or maybe the name of the person who did provide this order has been hidden because of the events that were to transpire.

Simon Silverstone did get wind of the situation, confused but happy at the decision as all the time she was in Newland prison, no information was gathered from her; it was apparent to Simon Silverstone that the methods at Newland prison were weak and not the standards of Tir prison, especially as it was in his back yard as to say.

The day came to move Jane Jet. The streets of Newland and Tir were both eerily quiet; you could hear the notum pumps working, with the exhaling steam almost matching the walk of the guards. I can only guess that the citizens did not want to be on the streets for fear of reprisal of the Dust Brigade force; Citizens had enjoyed the recent peace and certainly did not want to get caught in any crossfire. However, the move went uneventful, and Jane Jet was locked up in the bottomless belly of Tir Prison, reserved for people like herself. It has been said that the belly of the prison is more like a dark hole, with wet walls and strange noises, enough to send anyone out of their mind; we believe that they think that the prisoners would more likely give information to be free of the belly. Now Simon Silverstone had what he needed: the artefact and Jane Jet.

Dust Brigade return:

Not long before, the Dust brigade caught wind of Jane Jet being held in Tir Prison and began to plan to get Jane Jet back from the grasp of the Clan and Simon Silverstone. Time and Time again, Simon Silverstone questioned Jane Jet about the artefact and why it was so important to her. Time and time again, she would reply, I am an archaeologist of rare and exciting old items. The guards used to tremble at the angry screams from Simon Silverstone and knew that if he did not get the information he wanted that day, they all would feel his wrath. Many people visited Jane Jet and spent time with her; they seemed like average citizens interested in her story. Simon let this happen in the hope that he may overhear something that would explain the artefact, but it seemed idle chit-chat.

It was a typical day in Tir when, out of the blue, a Dust brigade dropship glided across the river towards the prison, bringing with it not only the river but a heavily armoured attack squad. People ran screaming, grabbing their children, and running towards the guards; a state of panic engulfed Tir, with the haunting noise of sirens echoing around Tir. Guards started to run towards the prison where the Dust brigade had already put up a local teleport system, just visible from the settling dust cloud from the recently departed dropship. Guns began to fire from both sides, and screams and death only followed; some of the original attack forces also arrived to try to help the guards. They all started to attack the teleporter to stop them from kidnapping Jane Jet, but it was too late; a large explosion flew everyone back. Some died instantly, and some cried in pain as they looked upon the now on-fire prison; in the smoke, they could see the dust brigade being teleported with Jane Jet in hand. Silence fell over Tir; only the cries of children and the crackling of fire could be heard over the mumblings of the wounded. The teleporter was taken care of in case they used this to return, and many now came to help the wounded. A strange occurrence after the battle was finding five Omni guards dead, only recognisable by their uniforms. Information gathered from insider sources said that McVert had also sent in an Omni Squad to kidnap Jane Jet, but they deny any truth. Now, Jane Jet was captured by the Dust Brigade again. To this day, no one will mention Jane Jet’s name to Simon Silverstone for fear of being interrogated.

Part 2-Alien Invasion

The Alien Invasion:

For many years Alien ships have penetrated Rubi-Ka; many put aside their alliances and fort with each other against this hostile force, the morning, Star brought news of a vast Alien force approaching Rubi-Ka; this was not just one ship but many ships bringing carnage in their wake.

It was a morning like any other when news came that an attack would take place in a few days; some questioned how we could be so accurate about the attack, only to be told that the deep space radar on the morning star was vast, never wrong. In the days before the attack, many prepared for battle; some met in clubs celebrating with beer tankers, some would be in the battle range to test their weapons, and some would gather with their families in fear that they would not return. The invasion day had come, which was predicted by the morning star. You could see large groups of defenders awaiting news of the location, checking their weapons and ammunition; everyone waited in anticipation for the news of the location of the Alien force.

The speakers around Rub-Ka blared into life, “Warning Citizens, The Morning Star Radar is picking up Alien activity in the area of Clondyke, Location - Northeast Mines.” This was it; time to put on a brave face, to see the number of people suddenly rush to the Grid and whoomphs was like watching a sale in Miir clothes, It all sounded the same to me, but all you could hear were screams of excitement or nervousness as they all rushed to the location, with eyes wide open and weapons loaded; they were all going to war.

Alien Location:

Many gathered at the location only to see massive towers and Alien ships. It looked more like an alien base than an attack; no alien force was to be seen. this was very different from the regular alien attacks we have all been used to.

We waited until a leader came and called the attack to start; everyone waited, gripping their weapon of choice and not knowing what to do. it was only after around thirty minutes that we saw the sky turning green, and the air around us began smelling of a horrible stench; at the same time, more alien ships were seen in the air as we looked up; did they not know we were here till now? Maybe it was because we saw a citizen nervously firing a shot at a random alien ship. Maybe they had some detection system in place, and now they had detected our force and called for the aliens themselves.

Before any alien force could land, one of the leaders shouted attack; the defenders immediately started to attack the towers, fearing they would call for reinforcements if not disabled. Still, no attacking force was seen; with the charred remains of the towers, we found containers that had survived the location. These seemed to contain many riches from around Rubi-Ka; a squad was issued the command to collect and store these containers.

The towers were now taken down; the ships were next, and the area was lit up with the blaze of gunfire as the command was given to attack the ships; this was easy. It seemed like we were being rewarded for taking care of an alien base with no reprisals, but once the ship was almost inflamed, moments from exploding, we saw the first waves of aliens teleport from the ship. Were they always there until they had no choice but to fight? This was strange, but it became apparent that this was no ordinary force.



Wow thanks Spacequest for the detailed post, it’s fun to see your perspective on the story line and also it brings back a lot of good memories on how fun it has been to join in on it :blush:

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