Daily Challenges. No more XP Multipliers?

Here is a data point.

My Challenges reset time is at 6am. I played on the 15th at 9pm, ending with the “XP Multipliers Remaining: 3” in the top right. I did not complete any Challenges on the 15th.

I logged in today, the 17th at 2pm. That is 2 daily resets, so my Multipliers Remaining should be 13. They are instead 8.

Edit: Logged in at 12:50pm on the 18th, and the multipliers went up to 13. I completed no challenges yesterday.

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Unfortunately yes. The harvest 10 stone node, etc just arent playing the game naturally. I harvest 50 nodes at min doing a farm route. And grab 2 crimson lotus? really, you clear the patch. Kill dogs of desert, why, i dont need zeal or thralls right now. It is closer to mindless phone game challenges than intuitive gamestyle challenges. Yes i could slow roll it, but as a pvper, i dont have time to let it happen organically. But there in is the issue, the design is not intended, nor will anything else, be for pvp. It is pve building and collecting game. Pvp just happens to be in it because original team probably had a road map for it before Jens left. New team is all about random mechanics that dont meld.


Not really. I went 3 days this week without multipliers and miraculously got 5 today. @den could we get some clarity here on how these are supposed to work?

I have not been getting the xp multipliers consistently AT ALL. I go 3 days sometimes without getting any new ones. Some times I get them 2 days in a row. Got nothing the last 2 resets.

This is getting silly. 4 days nothing. I don’t understand why they can’t just say: “Its supposed to work like xyz. It is/is not currently working correctly” I really don’t get it. Especially with something that ppl spent some money on. I could spend my days using admin commands to just spam through the challenges wasting my time doing things in a very joyless, spammy way that makes me start to resent the game, or I could have fun doing 5 meaningful challenges a day with whatever extra I want.

How exactly is this supposed to work?
Is it currently working?
if not, will it be fixed?

I was beginning to think maybe there was a special condition regarding number of challenges completed or total amount of XP earned in a 24 hour period. Like if you go over a certain number, you don’t get the bonuses because they want to keep everyone more or less on par with each other.

However, I went ahead and powered through a bunch of challenges yesterday and today I had my multipliers, which blows up that theory.

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If you are not getting any 10x modifiers in more than 24 hour period, its not working correctly.

I just gotta ask though: are you sure you have claimed the challenges that you finished? You wont get new ones unless you claim the old ones.

I am absolutely, positively, 100% sure I claimed everything. There is no chance I didn’t.

Now I’m getting an error where “Craft a Legendary Armor Piece” is not completing…

Which piece are you trying to craft? The epic versions of the base/DLC armors don’t count. Has to be one of those you go out and find a recipe for, like arena champion or something.

Well I got my XP multipliers for a couple days, and now again for the past 2 days there is none.

I have had one evening where I couldnt claim challenges: I would get some error message. That was only one evening and the problem was gone next morning so I could still claim the challenges of that rotation.

Ive never had a case of multipliers not appearing. Its puzzling. Are you sure mods havent messed up something?

I got that wrong, I was looking at epics, not legendaries.

not getting multipliers with or without mods

Not getting any multipliers as well, for the past few days… I complete all the challenges at least a couple times and also try to take advantage of the 3 rerolls I get every reset. My friend plays with me every night and I’m a little ahead on the battle pass levels but we basically complete the same amount of challenges and today he has a 10x multiplier above all his challenges… I have bought the battle pass and he has not but that shouldn’t make a difference…

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Nope still got mine sitting at 7 available atm- level 41 now since launch .All of it on official servers

Arbitrarily got multipliers yesterday. Didn’t get multipliers today.
this is ridiculous.



I dropped back into Conan this past weekend after some time away. Enjoying the new challenge system with my wife. Logged off last night with only the 2 left most challenges unfinished and still with 10x multiplier.

I expected to log in today to find 5 new challenges, each with 10x multiplier, and 3 XP multipliers remaining in overflow. Instead, I find 5 new challenges, the 2 leftmost with the multiplier, the 3 right most are blank, and zero in the overflow.

Glad I didn’t buy the battle pass yet.


Haven’t got any for 3 days.
@den How is this supposed to work?

This one has a theorey that has worked so far, but the sample size is too small to be certain.

This one skips logging in for a full BP challenge reset, so that the challenges basically would have reset twice, and then the Multiplier appears.

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I’m approaching a week with no added multipliers.