Daily Challenges. No more XP Multipliers?

For the first few days after the 3.0 Update I was getting (I think) 3-5 XP Multipliers for the Dailies. (this was in addition to the 10x XP for the Challenge)
Yesterday I had only 1. Today ZERO.
So thats it? No more XP Multipliers?
Funcom is really determined to make us grind out this Battle Pass.


That is weird. I did not play for 2 or 3 days and I think I had 10 or 12 multipliers when I played this early morning. I am not sure how many you get in a day (3?).

I am behind many players on my server. I was at level 6 when others were in the double digits (16 was the high) a few days ago. I would bug report it if it happens again after it recycles for the day (not sure when that occurs).

I haven’t noticed any missing 10x multipliers yet. You get 5 new ones each day up to the cap. Not sure what they set the cap to.

The thing to note, is they are automatically applied to your existing challenges. If you end the day with 2 of the 5 challenges still having their 10x multipliers, then the next day when you log in, you will see the other 3 now have the multipliers, and 2 additional ones will be above waiting to be applied after you have completed more challenges.

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I still get the limited 10x multipliers per each Challenge, but I’m not getting the Bonus 5 per day (cap is 20 from what I’m told)
I was getting them from 3.0 release and through the weekend.
Yesterday I only got 1 Bonus Multiplier. Today I got 0.

I have had the multipliers every day, including today. I have a 150x10 and a 70x10 along with three 30x10s still.

I’m not sure what other multipliers you are talking about.

If you are completing that set of 5 each day, using up those 10x multipliers, then you just used your Bonus 5 for the day.

You get 5 total added each day, and they are automatically applied to the 5 challenges, with the overflow going into that counter in the top right (XP Multipliers Remaining: #).


Oh! LOL. That is where I was confused. I was thinking you got an EXTRA 5 per day.
I’m stupid. Thanks for the edjumacations :smiley:
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I have not received my 10x multipliers for the past 2 days.


Yeah, there is also a bug happening now where some people are not getting their 5 daily new multipliers. The bug struck me for the first time today.


I’ve only gotten the multipliers 3 times, including the initial ones on day 1. Almost every day I log in they aren’t there and I don’t know why.

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This one wonders if it is platform dependent?
This one hasn’t seen a modifier in nearly a week, but is on PSN.

I’m on Steam myself, and I’m more than a bit mad since I bought the battlepass with the expectation it wouldn’t be that bad of a grind with the multipliers. It’s horrific without them, especially since the challenges don’t seem to take into account your Journey completion, character level, or known feats; they’re completely random, sometimes impossible (I started a new character for Age of Sorcery), and that’s not what was promised.


I’m kind of wondering if maybe the time might be a factor. Like if you happen to be logged in during the reset, it doesn’t recognize that it’s supposed to refresh your multipliers.

That’s just a very “shot in the dark” theory though. But it could possibly explain why some people are seeing it happen more than others.

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This one will avoid logging in for a full 24 hour span to test.

This one always suggests to wait until you have completed the Battle Pass, before paying for the Battle Pass.
But always remember, if you are a few levels short, you can buy battle pass levels in increments of 15.
It’s not cheap.

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I’m on Epic and have not had challenge XP multipliers for a couple of days. Are they supposed to be limited? I assumed we got them daily but I can see how giving us XP multipliers will go against trying to sell battlepass levels (which I will never buy).

Yeah, you’re supposed to get five multipliers each day from what I understand.

I don’t think that matters. I mean, even if you used admin commands to speed up the process, you’d still have to grind out 60 BP levels.

I’ve experimented a little, and for me the requirement to actually receive the multipliers requires having not been in the game for over 24-hours; i.e., the first challenge reset will not grant multipliers, but if you don’t turn on the game, the 2nd one will. At best this means for affected players you can only get multipliers every other day. Currently testing if they stack like they are supposed to by being offline for several days in a row.


Little tip…if you are getting multiplers, if younwait until you get 20 total before starting to close out challenges you can get more levels. the firdt 5 will tie to current challenges. so only complete 70 or 150 challenges. it seems it will have a high rng you will get another 70 or 150 in its place. So the stored mults will go on those as they appear, and you dontvhave to waste then on the 30 and 40s. Use reroll to try and get 70 and 150s if you have to. Doing this you can jump 20 levels in 1 admin play session cashing the multiplers all in during that play thru…


So, in other words, to get XP multipliers, stop playing Conan Exiles. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Way to go, Funcom. (somehow, I don’t think that’s what they intended – they create a battle pass with challenges to get people to play frequently and then set up the XP bonuses to de-incentivize playing the game frequently).


Well, that’s really more of a catchall than a requirement. I think the reason you’re getting your multipliers on the second day is because by waiting you didn’t trigger whatever it is that stops you from getting them. So just for an example, the problem is anyone who equips a maul doesn’t get the multipliers. You didn’t equip a maul on that first day because you didn’t sign in, thus you got the multipliers. But you could have signed in and just not equipped a maul, which would still result in you getting the multipliers.

We just need someone to narrow down the cause.