Battle Pass XP multipliers are not added every day

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Battle Pass
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1823
Mods: None

Bug Description:

XP Multipliers are not added every day. I log in every day. Whenever I have the multipliers, I always use all of them in the same session. I should be getting 5 multipliers every day, but I only get them on some days. I haven’t figured out a pattern.

Bug Reproduction:

  • Log in every day.
  • Check the challenges tab.
  • If there are multipliers, use them all in the same day.

I also wasn’t getting the XP multipliers even though I was playing every day. However, this past Friday I couldn’t play. When I played on Saturday, more than 24 hours after previously playing, I received the next day’s XP multipliers.


If you are talking about extra multipliers, they are added only if you did not completed some challenges as far as I noticed. Unclaimed challenge might prevent daily re-roll. Not sure, friend did not told me specifics.

In general, you should try to ignore ones with 30-40 exp and use them as extra multiplier next day with 70-150 exp.

Battle pass can be easily done in 2 weeks by using multipliers only. Depends on luck 150 exp challenges.


I imagine that could have been the cause of the bug, but it’s definitely a bug. The problem with incomplete challenges is that the system keeps track of them even if they’re not among the currently displayed 5. So if I reroll when I have an incomplete challenge, I might not be able to complete it because it’s not queued in.

At any rate, I hope they fixed the bug like they said they did. If it isn’t fixed, we’ll just have to keep filing bug reports :man_shrugging:


I did not had issues with partially completed challenges and re-rolls, not sure about tracking.

I know that friend’s challenges did not re-roll on daily reset when he had completed and unclaimed challenge. Don’t know if he got extra multipliers from other uncompleted challenges.

It would be definitively nice if daily reset would reset challenges no matter conditions.

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I had all of yesterday’s multipliers disappear on me. I rerolled the tasks, they were all gone. Stayed gone. Logged in just now to find only the ones there and there being 0 multipliers remaining.


got one multiplier since patch. If I can’t complete my battle pass this’ll be the last one I buy.

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Greetings everyone,

Please submit a ticket to our Help Center with your FuncomID and our team will try to assist you with this issue.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the reason type since it’s related to the new features of 3.0.

Thank you in advance.

Aaaaaaaaand as of 5 days ago this bug is now hitting me too.


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Are you willing to divulge how many Multipliers you’ve done vs Normal ones? Is there a ratio you could name?

I was exhausting 3/5 multipliers per day when I got them, with the remaining two finished the following day if nothing better rolled in. The most I’d banked was 8 and that was last Saturday when I had them. I finished 5 and had three left over going into Monday when I did 2. I finished my last one on Tuesday. Checked Wed, yesterday, and today. And now that I think about it, by the math I haven’t been getting new multipliers since Sunday.

In terms of how many challenges I’ve done, FAR more non-multiplied just on the basis of how I play (my friggin kids never farm or level the thralls so I do it and in the process I nail a lot of kill x, skin x, mine x, harvest x, etc.). If I had to give a rough estimate, I do about 6 normal challenges for every 10x challenge.


I haven’t gotten multipliers for the past two days. What’s the deal? I’m actually on PlayStation, so this is an issue across the whole board.

I have experienced this problem several times as well (single player unmodded). I thought I had noticed a pattern of not getting them when I was online during the daily reset. So, I’ve set an alarm on pc to remind me to log out 10 minutes before daily reset. It has worked so far but it’s only been a few days. Hard to say there is any correlation with such a small sample size.

Someone in another thread about this issue said that being online couldn’t be the problem since they are never online during the reset and they haven’t got their bonuses as well.

Whatever the problem is, it’s been very rng which probably makes it harder to track down and fix.

I can confirm that I didn’t get my multipliers today. I created a Zendesk ticket, but I also wanted to post here to raise awareness that the bug hasn’t been fixed yet.

Would you let them know it’s not just on PC? I’m on PlayStation and getting it as well. Super frustrating.

Yesterday I had no multipliers, today I do, all 5. Any word on why they suddenly reappeared?

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UPDATE: 5 multipliers today again, and 1 banked from yesterday. This after almost a week of not getting them. Plus late yesterday had the weird Bazaar/BP/Challenges not loading bug (which has seemed to resolve itself).

FWIW, when I submitted a Zendesk ticket, I got my multipliers the next day. And today I’m without multipliers again, and I just gave up. I’m powering through the BP in single-player with admin cheats. It’s mind-numbingly boring, but I’ll be done with it this weekend and never have to worry about the BP again.

As usual, a good idea with great potential, left on the floor because of the poor implementation. I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it to keep trying to play the game, now that they’re demanding more from the players in terms of monetization but can’t be bothered to back it up with better quality.

Something’s gotta give.


I have this problem as well. I got the bonus xp yesterday but not the previous two days nor today. Hopefully this will be fixed quickly.

I’m getting 1 multiplier a day guess I’ll submit a ticket. I’ll get another one if they fix it do you know how much time a battle pass runs for?