No challenge xp multiplier after every cycle reset

Game type: PvE
Official server: 1509
No mods
It happens after every challenge cycle reset.

Hello, I know there are other bug and issues that are more important but I think this one need to be address too, it’s about the challenges co multipliers not receive them everyday, I play with my husband everyday and he still got them after every cycle reset with no issue, me I receive them after 2 days, on update day and the next day after that no more, I’ve been checking and hoping it will fix but still the issue of no challenge xd multipliers persist, is there any way to fix or just wait for a fix? I know I’m not the only one with that issue… please help!


Is it supposed to be after every server reset? I’m on PS and it was there and it hasn’t refreshed as a # of multipliers but I will occasionally get a common task shooting me up around half a level.

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There is multipliers, just somehow visually shows 0 all time… check up on actual cycle task each task will give it base xp multiplied with 10… ( this thing is same way i gues that like siptah released year ago and still rhinos shows up as horses) :smiley:

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you are wrong and i dont think that you realize that over every challenge card theres the number of XP that it will give you and on the very top theres a X10 which its the multiplier that once you completed one time it will give you 10 times that amount, take a look at the screenshots, one screen its from my husband which he still receive everyday after the reset cycle and the other one its mine which it doesnt have the X10 on top, you can see they are different by the level and the challenge reset timer its differente too.



I’m having this exact same problem, and can’t fix it. It makes the Battlepass completely impossible (Unless I want to spend 100 hours in admin mode).


I’m having the same issue, haven’t had them reset once since the battle pass began. Was beginning to think it was just an absolutely insane grind, come to find out everyone else’s is resetting once a day. The rerolls reset, the challenges them selves reset, but I’m not getting the multiplier back. No mods, pc version, bought the pass on day one after hitting level 10 or so through grinding.


I’m having the same issue on official pc #1823 no mods, and purchased on steam. Everything else resets fine just no exp multiplexer, and will make this grind way too long to succeed in time. My buddy gets his reset every day and I bought the pass on release.


I am having the same issue as described by the OP. I play PvE on a private server with no mods. The first two days that I played battle pass, it reset as intended. Since then it has not. I have friends that play on the same private server, and they have had no issues with the multiplier reset.


I’m having a similar issue and am receiving XP multipliers inconsistently. I received my first set of 5 last Thursday when the update came out and none the following day. I then received them Saturday through Tuesday but haven’t received any yesterday or today.

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I’m having the same issue, I’m receiving XP multipliers inconsistently. It was fine the first two days but I have not received any xp multiplier in the last 4 days. I don’t see myself grinding 30 xp challenges for hours to complete them.

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Same as the rest of you. Had the first set of five on release, then none until five more randomly yesterday, but none again today. Been attempting the grind without, but it’s tedious. This issue really needs fixing.

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My husband and I are having the same issue. Which is a real bummer since we were excited about the battle pass, but now it’s just frustrating :frowning: I hope this gets fixed soon and those of us who bought the pass are credited somehow (via points or whatever).


I have yet to get a new set of multipliers. Those I haven’t used are not carrying forward.

I’m playing in singleplayer mode on PC, with mods. My PC is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit running 21H1. It has 32GB RAM and a GTX 1650 with 4 GB of VRAM.

Edit: I haven’t purchased the Battle Pass yet.

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Same issue here. My wife purchased the Premium Battle Pass and is not getting updated XP multipliers. I purchased the regular Battle Pass and am receiving all of the XP multipliers each day.

Hope it is fixed quick, that’s a painful bug for people who paid to grind items that will otherwise become unavailable after the Battle Pass expires.

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OK now loggin in to make screens and explain … Will be edit line…

So there is screen

  1. about arrow - each day when tasks resets u get five new challenges and each has x10 multiplier
  2. about xp multipliers… if u dont do ‘‘each day’’ challenge and there is still x10 multiplier on some of challenge left it will go up to xp multipliers in corner

P.S i am not sure if 20 is max stack but i did not completed any challenge for 4 days so u can see they are chacked up in corner and not lost so far… but my guess is that u need to login each day for that or 20 is max… soo dunno on others but for me working all ok so far…

Having this issue on PlayStation also

The problem isn’t understanding how the system works. The problem is the system is not working for everyone. The 10x multiplier that should be given once a day, for me at least has not shown up for over a week now. I stopped doing the challenges for a few days and no multiplier has been “saved” either. It just doesn’t exist. Now I’m just playing the game and if I get a challenge done, I’ll complete (thankfully that’s working again). But it changes nothing as far as the multiplier goes.

Same, this is so frustrating everyday I log in there are no XP multiplier’s, I bought the battlepass I wish it would work properly…

Here’s an update for @ignasi and the devs.

I wasn’t able to play Friday so I wasn’t able to play for more than 24 hours. The next time I played on Saturday I received five new XP multipliers plus the remaining two from Thursday carried over. However, on Sunday less than 24 hours after playing, I didn’t receive new XP multipliers.

Same problem