PC Patch 3.0.2 - Discussion Megathread

Okay, so I understand a more aggressive method of dealing with out-of-date mods causing bugs and errors. But there are many cases where the mod(s) don’t seem to be causing any issues. I have 4 mods that show as corrupted on my new single-player game started with the AoS release. 2 mods were updated by the mod author since release. The remaining two have been working fine. I understand there may be hidden issues; that risk is on me by my choice to use mods.

But now I’ve no choice at all. Ditch these mods or I can’t play? On my single-player game?! And what about unofficial modded servers? I would hazard a guess that many servers use mods that still work fine, but don’t meet these new standards and now show as “corrupt”. Come on folks, isn’t this a bit too aggressive? I’d be fine with a warning that includes a “no support if you keep using these” kind of thing. Or a command-line function that lets us load mods that show as “outdated”. Something…

I dunno. Feels like this aggressive stance is not a positive, friendly-to-the-community way to reduce the volume of bug reports.

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I have a player unable to connect to my server due to a version mismatch.
He is playing through the Xbox Game Pass… I’m guessing MS Store version.
I will not be able to retain a new player if he has to wait until the 15th to even connect…

*EDIT: I have no mods installed.

Does anyone know if they have given an ETA on when it’ll be fixed?

Paid for Battle Pass…losing time required to complete Battle Pass…compensation is what?

It has nothing to do with them being out of date at all.
I reckon there still are mods out there from years ago that don’t trigger this.
And they did not do it to “deal with mods causing bugs”…

I don’t see anything in “Known Issues” of patch 3.0.2 (or any previous ones) that acknowledges the Battle Pass XP multiplier bug.

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I was able to join my server & found that the thralls from the raise dead ritual have had their hp cut in half. My level 15 reanimated with the Blessed perk (+15 vitality) it was sitting around 3.3k hp last night & now only has 1.7k hp. The silver lining is they still hit just as hard. No other followers have been effected which is good.

It does not appear to be the case that they touched the zombies health in any way… my 3 zombies are still standing there with the same HP though in my single player game. (It’s derived from the database of my private server since it’s down atm for mod issues :stuck_out_tongue: but I have no mods that would in any way alter their health)

The only mod on my server was “faster pet levleing” which doesnt change the hp of the pets just the xp needed. I have the follower perk that adds 20 to all attributes which is not as bad. Sadly though my server uses the Better Thralls mod which allows us to have more then 1 follower (mine is 2 max, 3 with the ingame perk) but after the update the undead id has been changed making them marks as undead not warriors so now you can only ever have 1 undead with you not 2 or 1 undead+ any other follower
So with 1 update I cant play as a necromancer with undead body guards. All they are good for is guarding the base :confused: and my greater shalebacks do that better anyway

Feedback is that you guys clearly need to use testlive for even small patches. I can’t start my server after this hot fix. I had enough trouble 12 days ago with the major update and trying to mod by mod test a mod order that would work. I expected plenty of updates from issues with the 9/1 update. It took you 12 days to just fix the lack of an item granted with store purchases. I don’t see any notices about the pc mod mismatch issues we keep seeing here. It’s pretty major when the list says okay, but it really isn’t.

Yes, I use mods. Before someone says well you have no right to complain because you use them; that is simply not true if a game supports modding. Therefore, if the issue is on Funcom and not the moders side, then it is a Funcom issue and needs to be addressed.

You were great showing all the new things coming with 3.0, plenty of communication. Where is that now with planned fixes? People are generally more patient and less frustrated when they have an idea what is going on.


you can just check your server log for the list of problematic mods, or simply attempt to start your game with all your mods loaded and it won’t load and tell you which one is the problematic in an error message.

That is how they are designed. They last for around 24hrs, slowly losing max HP until they’re no more.

hey how can i tell what mod is causing the crash? its a all a bunch of gibberish to me sadly :upside_down_face:

Well my game told me as I was loading up conan that a file was corrupted & it told me where on my PC I could locate the file I just took that mod off my mods list & it worked fine

my server won’t even turn on for me to do that …

The ironic thing is that I tried to log into an EU Test-Live Server yesterday and the game crashed during the character creation process.

Has the disappearing (Unable to Pickup) mysterious figurine bug for Siptah been fixed yet with the new hotfix ?

Others have reported it has been fixed. Not tested it myself yet.

That’s good to hear, there may be a hope that I can play again and build my offline base when the mods work again.

Sooo we still can’t climb…?