Battle Pass XP multipliers are not added every day

I can’t figure out how to file a bug report it won’t accept it without a official server #. I run a 10 slot private from g-portal

Update: today I got my multipliers. Will continue to check in daily on this thread until this is consistent for everybody and not just me.

see Battle Pass XP multipliers are not added every day - #8 by Mayra

and with “in-game purchase” not official server number is needed


I submitted a ticket I will see where this goes. I had it for the first couple days at start, then they disappeared for a week, then reappeared for 2 cycles and now have disappeared again for the past 2 cycles.

This is way more trouble than its worth, unless they fix this I am not doing battlepass again.

Did NOT get my multipliers today. Had 5 and 1 banked yesterday. 5 and 1 banked today. Did no challenges yesterday. Knocked out 5 challenges. We’ll see how many I have tomorrow.

Did NOT get multipliers today. Have 1 remaining from previous stock, none banked, and 4 challenges without a multiplier.

FC, this is getting silly.

Maybe you guys are not getting any multipliers cuz they keep giving it to me despite completing the BP so there isn’t any left… :man_shrugging:

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Got multipliers today. 1 banked from Sunday and 5 active. Did nothing yesterday but hit reroll a few times because the options sucked, only to realize my clanmates failed to farm bricks again. So I spent the night mining stone instead of completing challenges.

Three weeks in and still only receiving multipliers 1 day in maybe 3 (if not less). I put in a ticket and their response was basically tough luck, but they’re totally ‘doing our best to make sure issues are address faster than usual.’

Congratulations on not even being able to be a predatory company properly.

Got another 5 today. Starting to think that the multipliers only like me Thursday - Saturday and then peace out.

This problem is still ongoing for me on PC/Steam/Windows 11. Haven’t got an XP multiplier for 3 or 4 days and it was inconsistent before then.

Got my multipliers today and burned the whole lot I had banked, now down to 0. In a hilarious development, my daughter did NOT get her multipliers today.

Got the multipliers today. If the pattern holds, I won’t get them tomorrow.

In what seems an odd miracle, I got multipliers both today and yesterday.

So this is getting really frustrating. I put in a ticket, never heard back. I got my multipliers for the last 3 days, and now again no multipliers.

It just seems so random they come and go, I have resorted to going to single player and using admin panel when I do get them.

That is a long way away from just being able to play the game and do the battle pass, that is not my idea of fun.

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I got mine the first few days but never banked them. Then learned to bank the low level ones to move them to the right. Did that a couple days and all worked. But then I completed a 30 pnt challenge and didn’t claim it on purpose to not waste the 10x multiplier. But the next day It was rolled back into the pool and I got no xp bonuses banked. Ditto the next day. So I completed all the challenges I could until that previously completed one came back around and I claimed it.

The next day I got my 5 10xs as normal (since I cleared the board) and since there was a 150 there I did taht (ended up doing 2 challenges and leaving 3) today I got my banked xp bonuses normally.

I’m thinking they don’t give them to you if you have a completed but unclaimed challenge hiding even though you can’t see it or get to it. Surely a bug.

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