Wait, it went from all 5 challenges with x10 bonus to only one?

What’s going on? I calculated whether it was worth the grind based on the fact that all 5 challenged had a x10 bonus the first time you did them. Now two days in a row only one has x10? I figured I could easily make one or two levels a day with all of them having x10. Please help. Please tell me this isn’t supposed to be like this.

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Either its a bug - i got 5 multipliers each day still (if you not play you can collect them, and do only big one challenges for more exp)
or maybe devs start making road blocks for us… rip

The battlepass would be impossible without the multiplier so it must be a bug or some mechanic I didn’t understand (I didn’t complete the one with the multiplier either day because I didn’t have time).

I submitted a help request for that as well as the fact that one of the bazaar bundles is missing items. They don’t make it particularly easy to even see where to submit a ticket when you go looking for help…

You have to do all 5 challenges whit the x10 bonus a day to get the next day 5 new ones i think


You get 5 new ones each day up to the cap (of something like 20 Multipliers Remaining), haven’t tested).

They are automatically applied to your existing challenges. If you end the day with 2 of the 5 challenges still having their 10x multipliers, then the next day when you log in, you will see the other 3 now have the multipliers, and 2 additional ones (XP Multipliers Remaining: 2) will be above waiting to be applied after you have completed more challenges.

You don’t have to complete all challenges in a day.

That’s not how it’s working for me.

Same here. I got 5 the first day and 1 each day after. Also my # multipliers shows 0 even if I get and use the 1 that I got that day.

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The “XP Multipliers Remaining: #” in the top right is the count of additional multipliers beyond those already applied to the 5 challenges.

If you complete all challenges until none have a x10 bonus left, then the next day, all 5 challenges will show a x10 multiplier and the top right will say “XP Multipliers Remaining: 0”. That is you getting your 5 new multipliers for the day.

This first image shows all multipliers used up. No x10 are left.

This second image shows what it looks like when you have 4 of the multipliers left. Note the count in the top right still says 0, because you have 0 additional multiplier that have yet to be applied to challenges.

Nothing is wrong here. The Multipliers Remaining count is only an overflow, of extra multipliers that have not been applied to the challenges.


Not sure what you mean, that’s not the behavior I was describing or that erjoh just confirmed.

Is this what you are saying?

  1. Your Challenges page looks like the first image, with no x10 above the challenges and no Multipliers Remaining.

  2. You wait till after the Challenges Reset.

  3. You Challenges page now shows only one challenge with a x10 applied.

Oh I see, you mean just the multipliers remaining counter is not an error, not that the only one multiplier per day is not an error.

For two days I had only one challenge with a x10 multiplier and it didn’t go to five after the daily reset. I didn’t complete the one challenge on either day.

Ok, that does sound like an error.

When you have one challenge with a x10 multiplier, the next day after reset you should see all five challenges with a x10 multiplier, and the text in the top right should read “XP Multipliers Remaining: 1”.

Since you appear to actually be experiencing a bug, you might want to make a bug report and give all the appropriate info, like screenshots and what Platform you are playing on.

Per the third comment in this thread I submitted a ticket to support and they confirmed it is a bug. Thanks for describing the overflow mechanic and how it is supposed to work.


Sorry for the confusion, I’ve talked to other people that thought they were experiencing a bug, but were just not understanding the UI. That could have been designed more clearly.

Yeah the confusion was my fault. I added the count as part of the conversation. Sorry.

So for the record, we are supposed to get 5 per day?

Good to know they acknowledged this bug. I’m pretty sure I’m running in to it as well. Been on and off playing since the weekend. And this ‘5 new multipliers / day’ thing doesn’t seem to be happening consistently.

Now I understand better how it’s supposed to work I’ll pay more attention tomorrow, or later tonight when the countdown timer thing ‘resets’.

Just adding that I have experienced this a couple of times as well including today. Logged in and had 5 challenges. I finished the first one and lost the bonus on the other four. Pretty frustrating considering how grindy the BP is.

I’ve also experienced the daily reset not granting any bonus missions at all.

Other times the bonus reset has worked fine.

It’s been really buggy and inconsistent.

This is on single player unmodded.

I have the bug, too. I just signed in (haven’t played all day) and I have zero multipliers. Its been like that for a while. The BP is really grindy.

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