Darfari weapons

I have been searching this official pvp server for the darfari weapons recipe. I don’t really need them but I am interested in seeing if they are obtainable early on because the darfari axe is pretty cool. Are they only able to be found off NPCs or through admin commands?

I’d be interested to know this as well

There’s a Darfari Weapons feat but I don’t think it was properly implemented.
So for now, yeah, I think you need to just get them as drops.

Yea I noticed that when i was googling it. Maybe we could get a stone waraxe implemented into the warrior feat? That would be cool.

You can drop drafari weapons from drafari chests, they are slightly better than stone tier. Waste of time.

Might seem like a waste of time to you, but I would enjoy having the darfari weapons as part of my aresnal of stone weaponry. I mean it wouldn’t be so bad if the ones you got off NPCs and in chests weren’t already dmged and only usable for a few hits. Maybe if they came at full durability at least then it would be resonable to farm them if someone really wanted them.

You can use repair kits to keep them from breaking so you won’t have to keep farming them.

With what we know now about the Khitan culture pack dlc, it is possible that the full set of Darfari assets may become available one day as part of a Darfari or Black Kingdoms culture pack dlc.

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