Darfari Weapons Recipe

Recently started playing on a new server, so I had the Intetactive map up on a second screen while I was running around. In the process I noticed a recipe marker for Darfari Weapons near the T4 fighter above Skulker’s End. Try as I might, I cannot seem to find any interactive object that will teach me this recipe.

Is this a mistake on the interact time map, or do I need to go see my opthalmologist?

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There should be a jawbone looking weapon you can interact with. It doesn’t display any onscreen indication that it can be interacted with, but you can.

The recipe is now on a bench at the darfari camp next to the dregs.


Thank you, much appreciated.

Here you are pbcop82, this is the video I used to help me locate it. Hope it helps.

Tried to learn the recipe last week, the chest is right where the video shows but there was no jawbone. I searched around, even climbing the cliff, but nothing.

Because that video is outdated now. See my other reply.

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In the recent patch Jawbone was moved to a Darfary camp at the Dregs. It’s now on the bench near camp entrance

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Sorry about that Wolfrider, I had no idea it had been moved; its been a while since I first found it. I didnt intend to provide you with inaccurate information. My second point of concern is why would they bother to move it!?

No problem I searched a week ago. And if want the Darfari weapons recipe it’s only for completion. I don’t craft anything Darfari. I don’t take Darfari as thrall, I kill them and use their meat to find my 2 sabertooth tigers pets. That way they’ll be used to human meat and will be more ferocious against human purges.:grin:

Thanks for the video @tin_egg . Next time I’m around there I’ll pick up the recipe.

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I think that too little players could find this recipe by chance there up the hill. It’s a bit easier to find now, that’s all.


I suspect you may be right here Ko6ka. Now that you all mention it, it was not a very obvious spot was it. I didnt find the recipe until I was well into the higher levels.

Yeah myself also. By the time I discovered the recipe they were well and truly redundant, but like yourself, I wanted it for completion sake. I am a completionist, if it has a recipe or is a unique item, I want it!

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They’re real weapons but with a very low damage, which means if you add an advanced blunted upgrade on them and give them to a thrall, they can KO enemies with weapon combos without killing them.

When you can’t spare Lovetaps to your thralls and haven’t had luck finding the Practice Swords recipe from the Unnamed City archives yet. Or maybe you prefer a bone club over a wooden sword.

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