Darfari Weapons (Knowledge) on Isle of Siptah?

Is it possible to learn “Darfari Weapons (Knowledge)” on the Isle of Siptah? The wiki only has the Exiled Lands location. I haven’t played in quite some time and I’m new to Siptah.


Why do you need this knowledge my fellow exile?
If it is for progression you don’t need it.
If it is for transmog, in time you will find Darfari weapons to transmog.
I believe that eventually the recipe might drop on surge if i am not mistaken, but it will be something that you ain’t need anymore.
Welcome to the forum m8

It is RNG from Surges of the South.

Much like Specialist Cooking 3, there is no guaranteed location.


Thanks, I’ll start praying to RNGesus. :slight_smile:


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