Siptah conan where to learn dagon daggers

Ok. This seems to be a question literally no one knows the answer too. Where on siptah do you learn dagon daggers amd ancient lemurian axe?

You can only learn it on exiled lands.

Nah. I dont think so. But thank you

Ok good luck finding something that isn’t there. You won’t find obsidian weapons or black ice weapons either. Recipes that is although I think you can get black ice recipe in a surge but no where to craft them. Happy hunting


Here is your friends


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Yeah, I got the black ice weapons in my last surge. I was excited, then suddenly had my joy dashed when I realized that there’s no ice forge. Pretty useless. Wish they’d just tie these items into the regular blacksmith bench. No one wants to mess with those special ones. Besides, most legendary weapons and armor are better, so I’d only use them for illusions these days. Honestly, I wish the ancient lemurian weapons were available. I need that shield for my ship. I had it transferred over before I lost my base recently.

He meant on siptah, not exiled lands.

xD it is for that I said here. I waited for he ask me the question

I mainly play in exile map xD

you can learn several things about conan on the site (

[ I have took the photos on this site]

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What is that first picture with the green tablet? Siptah???

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behind [The Ritual Keeper] in [The Sunken City]


Keep this thought, don’t quit on it! Surges drop a lot and finally recipes that you don’t expect!
Nobody still unlock Siptah secrets, it has a lot to give us!
Do non stop Lemurian surges and give us the necessary feedback if you see something unexpected!
Yet… They are almost useless in Siptah. Siptah weapons are so danm op you don’t need exile lands weapons. I recently find out that the legion axe with the correct blacksmith and the master weapon upgrade is going out 75 - 12%… A freaking beast. I cannot recall the 2h sword that came out over 100 dmg, almost a sword of Crom.
Go to single player and start crafting weapons with the correct blacksmith, you’ll forget all the exile lands weapons, they cannot reach Siptah weapons, not even close!

Tadaaaa ?

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Daggers of dagon are 65 32 bro…lem axe is 68 26 and can apply poison. .those are better then feroxic anything

Almost all the weapons can apply poison, as long as you apply it to weapon. The lemurian daggers cannot be poisoned. Try to kill something with the Lemurian axe and the same kind with the legion :wink:.
75 is very op for war axe.
I never spoke for feroxic, yet they proved their worth all this time. I had the same love like yours for lemurian weapons…
I left exile lands on their land, when I go Siptah I play these lands! But please don’t stop searching!

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