Dark Agartha lockout timer

The window showing lockout timers (shift-L) has an entry for Dark Agartha under the heading ‘Raids’. This shows as ‘Available’, even though I’ve completed it recently and am unable to enter the instance again.

I can confirm this is a known display issue our developers are already looking into. The lockout is still applied normally. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this might cause.

My challenges and keys have reset for the day (eleven minutes ago as of this post). Still can’t go into Dark Agartha.

EDIT: Dark Agartha reset one hour after challenges and keys reset.

The server is probably suffering from PDSTS (post daylight saving time syndrome).

Not sure about that. Keys and challenges reset an hour earlier for me now than they did a couple weeks ago. Seems like they shifted with Daylight Saving Time just fine.

We’re aware that the timing is off by one hour. The dev team is looking into this. I’m very sorry for any alarm or confusion this might have caused along with the display issue.

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