Dark Exiles 3x all rates PVP Friday 7pm EST to Monday 12 am EST

Welcome to the Dark Exiles server. (for direct connect) (The title shows how the server is listed in the server browser.)

Our server has been up and running since the week before release and we’ve been gaining population ever since.
We’re PVE during the week and PVP on the weekends starting at 7pm EST Friday evening and going to 12am Monday morning.

Our rates are
3X Harvesting
3X Crafting

I recommend joining our discord so that you’ll get any announcements about upcoming events and reboots. Ask in game chat for the link. Someone should be able to help you. Jump in and say hi. We’ve got a good group of people on the discord.

Speaking of events, we have two battle arenas that we use for events on the weekends and during the week. If you’d like to try to battle some of the monsters from the Conan universe and win prizes, you can. You can also use our challenge channel in the discord to challenge a player on the server to fight to the death during PVP weekends. Winner of these battles wins high level armor and weapons.