[PC] Age of Exiles 3xExp 2xGath PVP / Short Raiding

Make our server your home, make friends with people who have been playing since the beginning of Early Access. We want to have a kickass server that caters to people with normal lives that want to PVP and Raid, so enjoy our shorter raiding periods.

Join Us:

  • Direct Connect:
  • Discord Invite: discord.gg/zy9yZzN

Server Information

  • 3x Gathering Rate
  • 3x Experience Rate
  • Raiding Times 8:00 PM --> 10:00 PM CST Weekends Only
  • PVP is enabled 24/7


  • E5-2670 Series Intel CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Hardware RAID10, With BBU
  • Located in Dallas Texas