Day/Night Cycle calculator

I’ve seen people post calculators. I’ve tried to make one myself. I’m kinda decent at math, but I just can’t crack the code. All the other fan-made calculators also break when you adjust the numbers certain ways. Obviously, “daytime” can’t last longer than the day/night cycle as a whole, but pretty much every calculator I’ve seen will allow this to happen in the results if the numbers are put in that way.

I’m not even asking for Funcom to publish a comprehensive calculator. I’d just like them to publish the raw formula for the server settings and how it affects the game time. That’s it. We can take it from there and put together neat spreadsheets that do the calculations for the server admins. You want a 30 minute day, 15 minute night, and 5 minute dusk/dawns? Plug that in, we’ll tell you what numbers to set to get that. You know how nice that would be for admins?

Please, we need this. No one seems to have cracked the code. You won. You can bask in your glory of victory, we will concede defeat if you just tell us how you did it!

does this answer your question?

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