Death player bodies dont disappear

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

[We rent a fresh server and do some tests and start playing and enjoying the game. Well after we check and change the playercorps settings forward and backwards we find out that none of our dead bodies disappear. We try different things but we find no way to make them.

Some one else here with this problem or a solution? ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

In single player if i die I just harvest my corpse once i get my items back.

Just harvest the corpses, yours, someone else, doesn’t matter.

use a skinning knife so you can get a bunch of free hide.

The better part is even if you’re in PvE and you harvest someone else’s corpse, you have access to their lootbag and can take what you want LOL

If it’s unconscious bodies littering the landscape that annoys you…aggro an enemy and then stand near the unconscious body. The NPC/animal will then kill the unconscious player which you then can remove by harvesting…as well as the ability to then loot them afterward.

The above works the same for people who left the server, their buildings decayed but the thralls remain. Just stand near one of them after aggroing an enemy and the enemy will kill the thrall for you.

no harvesting dont work. We play on a server online, not singleplayer.