Ded server tool broken

Server is running again now.

Copy from my steam forum thread:
(well no links allowed?)
I’m using the launcher since some time, but today i got the problem that noone can join it.
On any try it just tries to connect for 2-3 minutes and ends in a connection failed.
I can see the attempt on the launcher, it even states x players on the server if someone currently tries.
I didn’t alter anything and only 1 mod got an update.
I tried it without this one, no change.
I can load the save with or w.o. that mod fine in singleplayer.

Any ideas?
(I might try to remove all mods, but that will most likely result in more problems)

Tool used is
(well no links allowed?) The topic form here, the one from Jens_Erik (a community manager)
(It was 1025 for this 2 weeks, last at the end of my tests 1038)
The relevant system informations are 32gb, i7-6900k, gtx 980ti and it was located since 4d on an SSD (before it was an HD).
I redownloaded the ded tool and saved it on my HD, copied nothing but the modnumbers and ports used in. The Problem is gone.

Well any idea why? Am i not allowed to use an SSD w.o. risking it to fail again?
E: It seems it is a problem connected with id, if i try to copy the serverid form the broken one (guess thats how i’d access as the same char as with the “fresh” server i’d have to create a new char)
E2: seems like the “fix” was good for 2 tries, it totally broke after again.

E3: Clean new server setup, CE new installed. No mods, nothing else on.
The servermanager thingy is already spitting out errormessages about beeing unable to spawn some npcs and other things.

I can enter the server, create a character and it disconnets me like before.
Is the dedicated server launcher broken?

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