Dedicated Server error (i think)

I builded a dedicatet Server on my old PC Setup
AMD FX-8350
16 Gb Ram
and an old GTX 650
this is not the computer where i play. i only host the server on it and i only play with 3 friends.
it worked really good maybe sometimes its a bit laggy or buggy (i dont know if the server is the problem or its the game (never played on another server))
Internet Connection ist really good 130Mbs Download 6 Mbs Upload didnt think that is the problem
but i have some error messenges in the servercmd and I do not know if that’s important and i dont know how to fix it. :S
Errors on the pictures (sorry im new cant upload images)!Asb7_aOHUxOygrQEE6x9fb09yJtY6g!Asb7_aOHUxOygrQH2M_CQ81X5Ea7Uw!Asb7_aOHUxOygrQFbv3WtOhWFWUzQg!Asb7_aOHUxOygrQGXRUXZ_LEE-vxVg

THX and sorry for my bad english.

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