Dedicated Server Launcher

Hello, I just got the game to play with my kids. I read that you can host a server and play off the same box, like I do in Ark. I came across the server launcher, and it seems to support they theory. But for me it isn’t working, and I am sure i didn’t set something up correctly. Here is how i do it:

I launch the launcher first with Steam closed, then the launcher. The launcher loads wit no errors on 27015 7777. On that attempt NO servers show up.

Second attempt, I launch the launcher then Steam with port 27016 7777 and i see ALL servers, except for my own created LAN server. LOL

Any thoughts what i am doing wrong? I forgot I also tried to click multihome but when i open Steam, it looks like it unchecks multihome. Like i said it may be something I did incorrectly, it just seemed less intuitive than the server manager I am used to with Ark.