Dedicated Server Launcher only working with LAN not internet

Hey guys. I am currently using the Dedicated Server Launcher but i have also tried manual installation of the server. Both have the same results. Everything works. I can connect to my own server, other computers in my LAN can connect to the server. But everyone outside cannot. LAN players can see the server in the server list (in game). NOT LAN, it doesn’t show up. LAN can connect through the list or through direct connect, but outside LAN cannot connect at all.

The only thing i have to go on is… The Test Port Accessibility on the DedicatedServerLauncher always fails. It fails with any and all ports and I have tried many of them. I can connect to other public servers in the game just fine. And fyi…
Ports Forwarded = YES
Firewall exceptions = YES
NAT, Multihome, UPnP, YES (even tried a DMZ)

I have read every single forum, post, and discussion regarding this. I have tried everything suggested. I even called my ISP and asked if they were blocking any of the gaming ports (they said no).
I don’t have trouble with any game. Only this games server. Co-Op also does not work outside of LAN.
Does someone have any other suggestions or know something obvious that I missed?

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