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As someone who runs a dedicated server in my home using the funcom dedicated server launcher, how does one go about switching to the new map? Is simply opting into the testlive branch enough? Or is there some type of configuration that needs to take place? As I understand it, it’s a separate database. How do I as the server admin make the switch?

Well, after switching to the testlive branch on the dedicated server launcher, it would now seem that it causes the dedicated server launcher to crash when opening it generating a dump file. I am now completely unable to use the launcher at all without deleting everything and starting over. This is not ideal.

Hey @justnice980

To report issues for the dedicated server launcher tool, please send your feedback here:

Once the expansion launches, there will be an option to switch between the Exiled lands, Siptah or custom maps.

So currently no way to switch and test them out now? Is it only for official testlive servers then?

Siptah isn’t available to anyone yet

It is available on the testlive branch according to this post. Testlive Patch (11.09.2020) - The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update

Siptah is not available for testing yet. The free update coming with it, which includes bugfixes and rebalancing, is right now being tested on Testlive.
The Isle of Siptah expansion (including the map and other new content in it) AND the free, regular update will both be coming to PC on September 15th.

I was asking about the testlive branch. I have the separate testlive client as outlined in [this post]
(Testlive Patch (11.09.2020) - The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update) or am I missing something? I am trying to get it on the testlive branch.

In that case, please notify of such issue in the dedicated thread so our team can look into it.

I have already done so. Thank you.

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